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Foggy Weather
Foggy Weather

Learn English meaning of ‘foggy weather’

Date: Nov 06 2017

Themes: Health, Travel, Weather

Grammar: Articles, Quantifiers, and Determiners


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This wonderful world has many different types of weather. There’s snow, rain, wind, and direct sunlight. However, for people who live high in the mountains or low near the coast, there is a special type of weather… fog. Some people love it when the air becomes thick as pea soup, and they can’t see anything because of the haze. But other people get the shivers and don’t like this cold weather.

In the United States, some places are famous for fog. For example, most of the west coast gets fog at some time. San Francisco is one of the most famous foggy cities on the west coast. There are weeks when the whole city looks like it is inside a cloud. Many people visit San Francisco to see this, but others think it is overrated.

Andy just got back from the sunny beaches of Florida. Listen as he tells Romeo how he feels about being back in the fog in today’s English lesson.


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Andy_H:  I just got back from an amazing trip to the sunny beaches of Florida… you know, the land of Jimmy Buffett. And I arrived back on the west coast, and there’s just fog everywhere. And I was used to this beautiful sun. The haze is just killing me.

Romeo:  Well, you get a little haze, but you also get just enough sun to not have to feel like you need coconut oil or things like that… that are going to be cancerous… because direct sunlight, Florida, that’s overrated. I mean, yeah, you can get that if you go to the beach, but we don’t have the beach. We have the coast.

Andy_H:  Oh, yeah! We do have the coast here. I mean, we’ve got the tide and everything. And you look up, and it’s just thick as pea soup. I mean, I’m not going to lie… I feel like I’m not getting enough sun, but I did just come back from a place where sun is just smacking you in the face whether you like it or not.

Romeo:  Right.

Andy_H:  I mean, here, I’m getting the shivers just standing in a parka.

Romeo:  Hey, that’s part of that west coast lifestyle when you come up over toward this side.

Andy_H:  West coast living!


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Andy tells Romeo about being on the sunny beaches of Florida. He enjoyed his vacation in the land of Jimmy Buffett. But now, he is back on the west coast, and it is very cold and foggy. He doesn’t like the haze and wants to be back in the sunshine of Florida. This cold weather is making him shiver.

Romeo understands, but he thinks that the west coast fog is nice. It helps to protect people from the cancerous effects of direct sunlight. Also, he loves the coast with its tides and fog. He tells Andy that it’s all just part of living on the west coast of the United States.

Do you enjoy fog that is thick as pea soup? Do you prefer sun or fog?



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In my city, we have the fog that is as thick as pea soup quite often. That’s because we have a coal fired-power plant around us. Sometimes, the haze is too bad that we don’t go outdoors in such weather. I don’t that kind of fog that much. I like sunny day with breezes on your face.

12:19 AM Nov 08 2017 |

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I didn’t enjoy thick fog. However I live near the river and the sea, so I’m used to haze!
It’s true that sometimes I shiver where i live.

10:57 AM Nov 06 2017 |

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I dont like foggy weather, it affects when I try to take a selfie outside. 

08:43 AM Nov 06 2017 |

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