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Rocking Chairs
Rocking Chairs

Learn English meaning of ‘rocking chairs’

Date: May 11 2018

Themes: Family, Hobbies

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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Many people enjoy collecting antique things. People collect old-timey photos, old-fashioned hats, old tools, paintings, dishes, and farm equipment. Many collectors are also fond of handmade rocking chairs. Rocking chairs are sometimes quite ornate and beautiful. They are carved from wood, and rocking away in a squeaky rocking chair can be very soothing.

It’s fun to imagine who else sat in those antique rocking chairs. A new mother may have knitted little stockings for her baby while sitting in that chair. An old farmer might have smoked his pipe while rocking and relaxing on his porch. Maybe, that’s the rocking chair that U.S. President John F. Kennedy used on Air Force One? Maybe, that rocking chair is where Thomas Edison got the idea for the light bulb? You never know.

Romeo thinks rocking chairs might be making a comeback. Listen as he discusses rocking chairs with Andy in today’s English lesson.


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Romeo:  What are your thoughts on rocking chairs? I mean, I gotta know because I feel like they’re making a comeback. They’re not antique anymore. I went into a store, and they had camping rocking chairs.

Andy_H:  Camping rocking chairs? Oh, my gosh.

Romeo:  Yeah. Like, they’re collapsible, and you can take them out into the woods, or wherever you are camping, and you can set that guy up, and you have a rocking chair right there. It’s not wooden. It’s… uh…

Andy_H:  See, that’s the thing is I always think of a rocking chair, and I imagine a squeaky, wooden, handmade antique. You know, my… uh… my grandma, actually, she just gave me her rocking chair. And I don’t know why… they must have been collectors... but they had as many rocking chairs on their porch as they had chairs in their house. It was really weird, but they were old-timey folks and…

Romeo:  Right. Sure.

Andy_H:  Oh, man. I have really fond memories on that thing. You know, you want to take a swing on my rocking chair?

Romeo:  Is it handmade?

Andy_H:  Sure is.

Romeo:  Let’s do it.


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Romeo tells Andy that he thinks rocking chairs might be making a comeback. He went into a camping store, and he saw camping rocking chairs. These chairs were collapsible, and you can take them into the woods. Or anywhere, really!

Andy is impressed with the thought of collapsible rocking chairs. He can only imagine wooden, handmade chairs that squeak a lot when you rock in them. Andy’s grandma recently gave him a rocking chair. He has a lot of fond memories of rocking in that chair!

Do you have a rocking chair? Does it remind you of Grandma’s house?



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La Princesse de la vie


I don’t have one, but I’d love to have a rocking chair in my room or backyard for my reading times.

09:19 PM May 15 2018 |

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