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Star Wars vs. Star Trek
Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Learn English meaning of ‘Star Wars vs. Star Trek’

Date: Dec 15 2017

Themes: Hobbies, Pop Culture, Travel

Grammar: It's vs. Its


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It’s an old question: Which is superior, Star Wars or Star Trek? Although many people are fans of both of these famous science fiction stories, most people have a favorite. It’s fun to ask your friends this question, and then watch as they try to think of their most compelling reasons. Some people will use all of their powers of persuasion to argue for either Star Wars or Star Trek.

On the one hand, Star Wars has lightsabers and the Force. It’s an exciting battle between good and evil. On the other hand, Star Trek is about working together to create a better universe for all. It’s about improving life for everyone. But the truth is that both stories are about the human condition, and they both have good morals.

Listen to today’s English lesson to find out how Nestor and Marni answer this question.


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Marni:  So excited for December 15th!

Nestor:  Oh, yeah… what is happening?

Marni:  Uh! Hello?! The new Star Wars film comes out…

Nestor:  Oh, I love Star Trek!

Marni:  … The Last Jedi!

Nestor:  Yeah, Star Trek is great!

Marni:  What?!

Nestor:  Yeah, Star

Marni:  What did you just say?!

Nestor:  Yeah, you’re talking about… I didn’t know there was a new Star Trek movie. What…

Marni:  Star. Wars.

Nestor:  Oh! Yeah, you mean, like, ninjas in space? Is that…

Marni:  Uh, no…. not ninja… come on… seriously?! “Ninjas in space.” Come on!

Nestor:  Well, I mean, like… chu, chu, chu…

Marni:  Yes! The lightsabers. It’s all about good vs. evil, and the power of the Force, and…

Nestor:  It’s all about little microbes that make you magic in space?

Marni:  No!

Nestor:  Muppets?

Marni:  Muppets?! All right! All right, all right, all right. What is your… what is your compelling argument for Star Trek and why it’s far superior?

Nestor:  Star Trek is about the human condition, and what it means to have morals and stuff, and…

Marni:  As is Star Wars!

Nestor:  For example?

Marni:  Uh… Your father… right… converts to the Dark Side. What do you do when you find out that your father is… you know…?

Nestor:  You kill him.

Marni:  No! You try to use your power of persuasion to win him back with your love and your compassion.

Nestor:  How did that work out in Star Wars?

Marni:  Well… you know…


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Marni is super excited to watch the new Star Wars movie, but Nestor pretends that she is talking about Star Trek. He likes Star Trek much more than Star Wars, and he make jokes about Star Wars just being about magical ninjas in space. Marni can’t believe it! She doesn’t understand why Nestor likes Star Trek more.

Nestor tells her that Star Trek is about the human condition. It explores lots of different parts of being human… or alien. Marni says that Star Wars does the same thing. She begins to give an example about Darth Vader, but Nestor stops her. He reminds her that Luke had to kill his father, so maybe, Star Wars doesn’t use as many strong morals as Star Trek.

Which do you think is superior, Star Wars or Star Trek? If you could be any person from these stories, who would you be?



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Just a quick correction.. Luke didn’t kill his father. Darth Vader died saving his son from the evil Emperor and in turn took a fatal discharge from the Emperor’s Force Lightning. With his breath in apparatus fried he died from his wounds. But not before being redeemed to light side again.

Personally I think Star Wars has a more deeper dimension than Star Trek. 

Well, it did… This last movie, the Last Jedi, ruined it…so RIP Star Wars…

07:55 PM Jan 08 2018 |

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I’m a neeeerd. I love star trek, star wars is just a copy.


04:05 PM Jan 08 2018 |

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