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Passive Voice

Sometimes you say things like, "My bike was stolen," or, "The boy was given a gift." But who stole my bike? Who gave the boy a gift? You aren’t sure. That’s why you use the passive voice, which emphasizes the person or thing an action was done to, not the one who did the action.

Passive voice is normally formed with to be + a past participle, as in, "Chris was hired yesterday." You can use the passive voice in any tense by changing the form of 'to be.' For instance, you can say, "My cookie was eaten" (past tense) or, "My cookie is being eaten" (present progressive tense).

When you want to include the one who performed the action in a passive voice sentence, you use the word 'by' after the verb. For instance, "Danny will be picked up by his mother today."

Sometimes, the verb 'to get' is used instead of 'to be,' as in "My sister got sick last night."

Passive Voice Grammar Quiz

  1. The same song many times.

  2. Quantum of Solace in many different countries.

  3. Many children by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

  4. Several speeding drivers by police officers recently.

  5. Kate Winslet an Academy Award.

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My book was found by my sister.

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09:06 AM Dec 05 2019 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I was told that my friend had been murdered by a group of criminals who were given the impression that their car had been stolen by my friend. 

Trying to cram as many passive phrases in a sentence as I can :D 

09:50 PM Nov 28 2019 |


Saudi Arabia

My book was stolen by a stranger.

11:04 AM Oct 07 2019 |


Saudi Arabia

My pencil was stolen by my friend.

06:29 AM Oct 07 2019 |



I was allowed to walk up to the skybridge.

12:19 AM Apr 16 2016 |



The packages will be dropped off in store by delivery tomorrow morning . Manager was lied off yesterday because he could not able to control his staffs

04:36 AM Nov 27 2015 |




The ball was kicked by a boy

11:02 AM Jun 16 2015 |



sahra was being kicking a ball. The ball was kicked very hard by sahra .i was punished  something i did not do. my mobile was lost.

01:53 PM May 17 2015 |