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Prepositions are words that locate something in time and space. They tell us where something is in relation to the things around it. Here are some examples:

"The bird is singing in the tree."

"She walked through the door at 6:00."

"I climbed over the wall."

"We are sitting between our brothers."

Other common prepositions include: above, across, around, before, behind, below, by, down, during, for, from, in, inside, into, near, of, onto, off, over, to, under, up, with and without. There are many more!

Prepositions Grammar Quiz

  1. The dog is the bed.

  2. The airplane is the air.

  3. Please put the food the table.

  4. She's sitting her two friends.

  5. Will you walk me?

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Hi! First, you always have to know the basic prepositions and their uses. You can look for infographics about prepositions on the Internet. Then, every time you read, observe how preopositions are used and try to remember them (or you can also list them down on a notebook). Also, you can try imagining the context/setting as you speak in mind or aloud so you would know how prepositions differ from each other. That’s what I always do when I’m having a hard time choosing the appropriate preposition. It’s important that you get exposed to GOOD examples so you could see how they are used.


07:43 AM Oct 15 2015 |



There is a bottle of water on my desk, my friend is sitting beside me, there is a blackboard behind me.

08:06 AM Jun 06 2014 |




This one of the difficult lessons so it needs more examples

12:36 AM Jan 27 2014 |

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