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English, baby! Launches Ebaby! TV Web Channel

The largest social networking site for English language learners in the world creates soap operas, game shows, and features to help users learn real-world English

Portland, OR - March 24, 2008

MTV is unintentionally educational. Its viewers gain cultural literacy. For a student of English or a prospective traveler, knowledge of how the average American speaks and thinks is extremely valuable--and difficult to obtain.

With this in mind, English, baby! (englishbaby.com) began producing video content that couples subtitled, simple language, highlighted vocabulary words and a quiz with the real-life, non-scripted element of reality TV.

Even the website's soap opera, now in its 20th episode, is improvised to preserve authenticity. A game show, dubbed the Culture Cruise, rewards foreign students for testing their language skills and pop culture knowledge on American streets.

With over 70 videos and nearly 300,000 views so far, Ebaby! has aggregated its video content to a new TV Web channel in anticipation of new features, including videos produced at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

"Staying interested and motivated is one of biggest challenges for a language learner," says John Hayden, President and CEO of Versation, the company that operates English, baby!. "We're proud to offer a unique curriculum in which fun is a real priority, and increasing our focus on video content seemed like the next logical step."


ABOUT English, baby!

Founded in 2000, English, baby! set out to teach English to the world in an innovative manner, virtually immersing students in American culture and natural English. Social networking features were introduced in 2006 and growth surged. Englishbaby.com is now the largest social networking site for English language learners in the world with 700,000 members and 1 million unique visitors per month. English, baby! was recently chosen by the Educational Testing Service to be their first online vendor of the TOEFL® practice test.

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