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English, baby! to capture international moment in Beijing in videos

Portland, Ore. - May 21, 2008

As the world's athletes meet in competition at the Olympics in August, the world's sports fans and travelers will meet in friendly conversation. And more of them than ever before will be conversing in English.

English, baby! (englishbaby.com), a social networking site for English learners, will send a team to Beijing to attend the games, host English-related events on the street, and stay in the homes of users of the site. Their videos will be published on the site daily.

"Our site is about people sharing their cultures and coming together for a common goal," says Jason Simms who writes and acts in the site's English lessons and who will be an on-camera personality in Beijing. "With all the controversy surrounding the games this year, it's easy to forget that that's what the Olympics are about too."

English, baby! co-founder, John Hayden, who will also travel to China, adds, "A lot of the personal connections made at the games will be enabled by the presence of a common language--English."

It's unusual for an ESL or social networking site to interact on a personal level with its users. But English, baby! has a history of doing so.

Last year, Simms went to Turkey to attend the wedding of a couple that met on the site and Captain Jeff, a phony naval officer who will host events in Beijing, has led international students in challenges on Ebaby!'s "Culture Cruise" game show. Each was very successful, helping the site reach 500,000 plays on YouTube and attracting thousands of comments from users, many of them saying, "Come visit me!"

"Whenever we connect with our users in the real world, the response is tremendous," says Hayden. "Our users like to think of Ebaby! as more than a website and we're proud to act as ambassadors for our members and the global English movement at the Olympics."

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