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Social Networking Drives Cross-Cultural Learning at Englishbaby.com

Portland, Ore. – April 11, 2007

Englishbaby.com, an English learning and global community website, announces the addition of new website features, providing the 1.5 billion English learners worldwide the opportunity to create an interactive learning environment, designed individually. The new features include:

  • Social networking—Called "MyEbaby!,"users can create profiles, upload pictures, make friends and chat with other members in English.

  • English lesson rating and commenting—New rating function allows users to critique English lessons and develop a "top rated" list as well as blog and comment on what tools helped them best develop their ESL speaking skills.

  • Vocabulary and lesson archives—Users can search 15,000+ English words and 2,000 lessons, giving users the option to customize what and how they learn.

  • Online vocabulary and grammar quizzes—English quizzes challenge users to learn new words and become better speakers and writers.

  • Premium Memberships—Users can "Go Super!" for $5 a month, allowing users to build and save personal vocabulary lists to enhance learning potential.

The new features have contributed to a 100 percent growth in website membership, user visits and page views since Jan. 1, demonstrating that people worldwide are eagerly embracing English, baby!’s Web 2.0 features to enhance their English learning experiences.


Quotes from John Hayden, the president and cofounder of English, baby!

  • "What our site offers is a chance for people of different beliefs, customs and cultures to explore a common interest – learning conversational, American-style English – together,"

  • "With its web 2.0 functions, English, baby! users—located across the globe from Armenia to China to Zimbabwe—will have the opportunity to interact, make friends and practice English in real time, allowing for a richer and more involved learning experience."

  • "Traditional English teaching lacks two things: real examples of English usage and a place to practice colloquial English.“English, baby! is that place, whether you are a waiter in Europe interested in picking up a few words to improve service, or a teenager in China wanting to better understand a movie from the U.S."

About English, baby!

Founded in 2000 with headquarters in Portland, Ore., English, baby! is the ESL social networking website product from Versation, Inc. Englishbaby.com features more than 2,000 free English lessons and more than 15,000 searchable English words. Designed to assist the 1.5 billion English learners worldwide, the website provides English students the opportunity to learn colloquial English at their own pace.



John Hayden, Co-founder and CEO
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