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Large English, baby! polls show world opinion about US Presidential election has changed in recent months

Portland, O.R. — May 9, 2008

People around the world follow the race for the White House. For many people, it's the only election outside of their own government that interests them.

Of course, the international audience can't vote for a presidential candidate. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have a voice. Now more than ever Americans care about what the world thinks of their country and its leadership. And in that spirit, English, baby! presents its Presidential poll series.

With more than 750,000 members spread across every country in the world and primarily between the ages of 18 and 30, polls conducted on englishbaby.com, a social network for English learners, are a reliable (if non-scientific) indicator of the opinions of global youth.

A poll in June 2007 showed Hillary Clinton in the lead by 32 points. But in a second poll that concluded last month, Barack Obama had pulled ahead by 20 points. Another poll, currently in progress is showing similar results.

"It's been interesting to watch opinion change," says English, baby! co-founder, John Hayden. "The Clinton name has been very recognizable throughout the world but Obama's message seems to be taking hold."

On the website's forums, individual members can be observed changing their opinions. A 19-year-old user from Luxembourg, with the handle fabs1 abandons Guilliani in favor of McCain as his candidate of choice. And Hakimi, a 32-year-old user from Yemen started a forum thread about Hillary Clinton. But last January, he was won over by Obama. "This morning I heard Barack Obama speaking about the results in New Hampshire...He has the potential to be an incredible leader that could do truly amazing things..."

To view the poll results, forum threads, and English, baby! videos about the election, visit:


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