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English, baby! forum and poll shows how world youth believes the Obama administration will affect their countries.

Portland, O.R. - December 16, 2008

Everyone saw the footage on election night of people around the world celebrating Obama's victory. But what, specifically, were they celebrating?

English, baby! a social network where 1 million people around the world learn English through American pop culture, put the question to its user base. A poll found that 73% of Ebaby! users, who are primarily between 16 and 25, believe that Obama's presidency will directly help their country (9% believe it will have a negative effect on their country and 18% believe it will have no effect).

A German member named Christoph07 has high environmental hopes for the new administration, but realizes it may negatively impact his country initially: "Maybe in short times it will be harder for us because U.S.A. will developing her environmental technology – thats our field for export. But Obama/Biden will be much better for the whole planet..."

Theofanus1987, a 21-year-old user from Greece says, "Obama will help my country Greece and Cyprus with the problems with FYROM and Turkey." Bill Clinton attempted to help resolve the decade-old conflict over the Mediterranean island, perhaps as Obama's secretary of state, Hilary Clinton will have more success.

"We watched global support for Obama grow over the last year," says English, baby! co-founder and CEO John Hayden, "so it's fascinating to see our users express their specific hopes for his presidency."

But, rather than write wish lists or speculate, some English, baby! members are withholding judgment. "I think that is too early to judje the new leader of u.s.a," says a 21 year-old Algerian, and HaiYing, 25, of China says simply, "wait 1 year."

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