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What does "one-liners" mean?

Vocabulary Word: one-liners

1. Definition (n.) short, clever jokes

Examples He is full of one-liners. He can walk in a room and have people laughing in a couple of minutes.

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I know someone who always makes others laugh with his humor!

He brings happiness to everywhere he steps down!

He makes impromptu jokes from everything!

All ppl fall in love with this witty guy!

He is realy full of many one-liners!!! :-)

01:42 PM Feb 21 2015 |

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Sharing s Caring


Some people can tell short jokes and make you laugh and others have a great sense of humor so that their sweet comments always make you laugh. Jokes may end up old or no more stock in memory but those with the sense of humor have the lasting talent all the time. Which of them is considered one-liners?!

05:58 AM Jul 29 2013 |

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My one-lineer – The meaning was on the tip of my tongue – The third guess was my best shot;)

Never heard about this word before. Nice to know. Yes, a2020, some people are born one-lines. My favorite one-liners are by Russel Peter. I’m laughing already :)))

03:01 AM Jan 12 2013 |

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