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Mebal Lee

Mebal Lee


February 6, 2010

many children who were born after 1990 like showing off their wealth on internet.  I think they don’t know what’s the meaning of rags to riches.

It’s no blame you were born in a common family. In China there is a proverb: Fortune is variant. It’s possible a poor becomes rich. Here I don’t refer to the lucky-draw. I mean if you want to be rich, it’s possible only if you study hard, insist on developing yourself and in one day chance will fall on you.  The process might take tens of years or more.

Sometimes, I envy children who run ahead of me at birth. I envy they have beautiful clothes, cars, brand-name bags or material things I dare not imagine. However, times make me mature.

I remember the film THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, Shawshank spent 10 years to dig channel and during this long period, he didn’t give up himself and still insist on studying and finding every chance to pave his life after jail.  This is really an excellent film. At least from this film I’m aware of that if I want to be rich I should have specific goal and strive for it. Never say give up.

The most important is keep cool and keep your goal in mind.

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09:03 PM Aug 05 2011


maybe i should leave here and find another place that can help me improve speaking skill.but someone can recommend some places? tks

05:22 AM Feb 23 2010

Mebal Lee

Mebal Lee

amar, thank you for your words. every person has his/her ideas of life at a specific time. at present, mine is to make money and make me more beautiful from within and outside. I don't have much belief in mind, and my understanding about this world is certainly accumulated based on real life, and life is cool or even cruel. possibly several years later, I would understand the meaning of life and the meaning of myself existence more clearly.

01:50 AM Feb 23 2010

Amar pandey

You have reflected the intention of numerous youth not only of  china but also of abroads.  For most of us wealth is everything and we do not hesitate doing anything to achieve it.

Have we been born to live on, only for wealth? Is there nothing more important than wealth?

For me study is meant for aquiring knowledge. And what does knowledge meant for? Perhaps, for  solving  ones problems and making our life easy for living including others, possibly to make ones life worthfull to others.

03:53 AM Feb 09 2010

Mebal Lee

Mebal Lee

brasilero, in China many people admire life abroad, including me. It seems more freedom and more open-mind there. But, from our limit understanding, we cannot judge which life style or education methods are better. Fact is we always think things in other countries might be better. Just like me, I think if I have children, I will send them abroad for advanced education. Because education in China means burden and no creative, at least now.


I have much to say, but page limits. later chances, we discuss.

09:25 AM Feb 08 2010



xie xie for your blog

it seemed, that ppl in other countries are more "on earth" than ppl in America or Europe. Here in Europe, ppl want to have all.  Kids need tv in their sleeping room.

Later they need motobikes , when they are 18 years, they need a car.

They didn t work for that, only parents did, but they  m u s t   h a v e   it.

That s so  stupid, but here in Europe, very often we don t have parents, no, we have 

producers, who made kids, but won t educate them.