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Mebal Lee

Mebal Lee


May 15, 2011

it's my first time to enter in englishbaby's chat room.

I wanna improve speaking skills really and no others. So I added some friends.

However things improved not like I thought as it was. A girl named Maria asked me to show breast in the webcam. What...What's wrong with her? Because she told me she has broken webcam and send me her breast pictures, I thought she was a lier, although she promised she's not. Okay, I kicked her off.

and Then a man asked me if I can talk to him on some sexual topics.....oh......my god, what's the world here?

maybe I'm out. out of the trend. Maybe I shall pay englishbaby to talk with ebaby's memebers? If so, I will truly improve speaking with the help of other english lovers?

I won't log in chat room here any more, definitely!

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07:15 AM May 15 2011

Anda (Hungary)

Yes, I agree, Mebal Lee. I also tried the chat room, and I was very shocked. I got many sex writings from men. When  a girl wrote me, I was glad. I thought, we can write normally, really to exercise the English.  But after some sentence, she also began to wrote about the sex. I don't understand these persons. I think, they are sick people. I also won't try anymore.