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Night Chating of Seafarer

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May 31, 2014

She wouldn't need your hug forever

On the crowded subway platform in Taipei, waited for the coming train, I suddenly caught sight of a little, cute girl requesting a young man -obviously, an unexperienced father- a hug, from time to time.

Seeing her eyes closed, and face glowing with sweet, contented, innocent childishness, I just knew her life was full of happiness for sure,dreaming in her father's love.  What a fantastic picture on earth it is !

A few times later, stopping the repeated embrace, staring at little girl, this young father apparently was sick of it : putting it this way, he was tired of it, even though his little cute daughter constantly jumping up and down, and asking his hug of love.

I knew how he felt about it on the scene and what he didn't get behind it too.  Seeing that very disappointed face of a little angle really hurt me very much. I just couldn't let her down at that very moment.

Excuse me, Take my words.  Time to hug your precious is limited, you should cherish every chance of it.  Trust me, she wouldn't need your hug forever.˝

This time, hearing me out, he quickly gave his little one a big hug that I ever saw in my life.  And little angel finally revealed a satisfied smile as a blooming flower.

... all of a sudden, I missed my little one .....

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View all entries from Night Chating of Seafarer >

09:23 PM May 31 2014

Mr. Learner

Very touching .. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you for pleasing that little girl and guiding her father .. Your actions really made me happy.
You're a gentleman

Wish you a happy life