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July 5, 2010

I've always love you with all of my heart,
always dreamt of having a good conversation with you,
always dreamt of spending time together alone with you,
dreamt of having a very strong relationship with you,
dreamt of having a future with you next to me,
good dreams and nightmares became very nice when you are there,
always waiting for you to reply my text message, wall, etc.
always thinking of you, adore you like crazy, head over heels with you,
I've sacrifice my time and money just to meet you, though I don't meet you.

but you never think that's enough aren't you?
for I'm just a stranger in your world, and forever I will be!
am I that disturbing for you? if you think so, that's ok,
if you really wish me to leave, that's ok,
I'll leave you in no time, I promise!
but remember this, "you'll always be part of me,"
even though we're apart I'll always think of you.

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07:33 AM Jul 05 2010



could not agree more.. :)

07:12 AM Jul 05 2010



Nice.All of them are nice.

Love is the greatest feeling of all but also the most painful...