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Viet Nam

November 30, 2007

Ahahahha! Finally I returned here! My English is really terrible! So I'm sorry if you can't understand what I wrote!  Sealed

Now I'm studying in Italian and I think it's very interesting, attractive and melodious! Ciao a tutti! <means "Hello everybody> Wink

I think "Ciao" is a very lovely word! 

Today is my birthday! The first of December! The nineteenth birthday! A nice day! And I love my zodiac sign so much _ Sagittarius!  I've got so many SMS and phone calls and gifts, of course, Cool  from friends and my relatives. Thanks so much to them! 

Happy birthday to all be born in the same day with me! And nice to be here! 

Tanti auguri a Voi! Tanti auguri a Voi! Tanti auguri a Tutti! Tanti auguri a Voi!  --> the birthday song in Italian! Tongue out

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06:04 AM Dec 15 2007


happy birthday and everyday