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Viet Nam

September 21, 2006


I may be a fool in your eyes but you never know
I tried very hard to be your girlfriend
I give you the love that no one else had got
But you didn’t see it
In your eyes I was fool…
I thought that you could light up my life
It remind me about hopes and dreams
That I thought it was gone
But you put me down
And make me feel week
Lost in the world
It cost me a lot of pain and sorrow
It took me a while to be strong
to move on
Because lives goes on
You crash my dream
And all the hopes was gone
Everything was so wrong
I was wrong about you
But I have to live with it
A mistake was made
I couldn’t change (the past)
It have to be on this way
Maybe this was meant to be
Only the destiny know why
I was your shadow
I was along to love
Who said that love was easy
I couldn’t live with it
I give up and follow my own way
The choose was mine

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11:24 PM Sep 21 2006


if you feel you are fool,just take it as a game for playing