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United States

October 23, 2010

Hi English, baby! friends. How are things on your side of the world? Things on my end have been picking up and I’m back in the mode of being super busy again, which is nice. It’s so funny that my character on the soap opera is such a slacker, because in real life, it’s the exact opposite. I have my normal job that takes up anywhere from 30-45 hours a week and then a lot of side projects that I work on, such as modeling and party planning, and as you all know, traveling! As I type this, I am actually on a plane heading to Hawaii! This will be my first time there. Stay tuned for next month to see pictures of my tropical adventure!

This month, I got to do a photoshoot with the very talented Joe Aimonetti of 503creative. We were going for a 90s grunge look.

Also, I did runway for the Portland Women’s Show. I got to wear a lot of awesome designers. It was really fun to be on the runway and dress up! Here are a few shots from the show. You can check out some of the designers I wore:


Finally, here in the United States, we celebrate Halloween! I decided to throw my own Halloween party. I dressed up as Marie Antoinette. Here are some shots from the party

Well, friends, I’ve bombarded you quite enough with photos from life. Keep on melting in those new English phrases and stay safe, have fun wherever in the world you are!!!

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View all entries from Ella's World >

04:16 AM Nov 28 2010

Viet Nam

chj ơi....chj là ngừời việt nam hả....em có thể làm quen với chị được không.... my yahoo: tuithanki93

04:09 AM Nov 27 2010


nice blog gathering between fashion & having fun ..enjoy to the max :)

08:54 AM Nov 17 2010

suanta kumar

Hi beautiful,

In this photo ur looking so beautiful

i want to chart with u

ur so quite.......

03:15 PM Nov 14 2010

charming princess
Saudi Arabia

Very cool. You are very nice. I enjoyed reading your blog

07:25 PM Nov 09 2010


Hello,you are Very nice! sun shine!Cool

05:02 PM Nov 04 2010

abdu al-rhman

you have a lot of work
do you have enough is enough?
i wish you a pleasant journey, Miss
i hope your trip or are you forget these troubles and soothes the mind

09:39 AM Oct 25 2010


South Korea

yay i love fashion ^-^ and these all pictures are very nice *__* you're very beautyfull :)