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October 26, 2008

I wish I never met you, so I would change this much...

love is every single effort to understand your lover,

it's an effort to accept for whatever she is or he is

not to change her as you want it to be

because it's not love,,,

it's your ideal person you want...

just find someone else to fit you then...

because i will never change myself for anyone,,,

nor even for you,,, 

03:48 AM Nov 22 2008


hi elspet i miss you and i hope to talk with you

02:54 AM Oct 26 2008


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Sometimes change is necessary to be better. Laughing

July 8, 2008

it's wednesday, 

a really long wednesday,,, 

12:14 AM Jul 09 2008

eduardo saavedra duran

CryDear Elspet,

we don't know each other, however, when I red the tittle of your blog "nothing lasts forever", it was as if my beloved mother (R.I.P.) were speaking to me, because she used to say that saying. 

I do really hope you are fine, and try to be happy.  Receive my best wishes from a new friend from Santiago of Chile.

I will try to continue reading your blog, whenever I have enough time to do it.

I send you my respectful greetings.

Eduardo Saavedra D.


March 29, 2008

when i woke up this morning, i smiled widely and inhaled a real deep breath, imagining a new life was coming, but not, i was still in my place, i went nowhere, still, in my place. then i stepped down stair, looked to my family, mother, father, sisters and brothers, they were still there, waiting for me, to breakfast, i greeted them, kissing every cheek, and whispering morning, and i love you,,,i finished my plate, and washed the dishes, the water was cold, i was freezing. when came bacl to the dining room, mother, father, sisters, nor brothers were there. nobody was home, they were all going out, for business, and leaving me alone, in my world... smiling, i went up stair, watched my watch, and lay down, i closed my eyes and questioned myself" will i give a similar life to my daughters or sons one day" i opened my eyes, i wiped my tears, and answered" NO! it's enough! no body of my family will feel what i m now feeling...so lonely..." i was thinking, for whom they were doing all those things? because they felt no love each other, they were lack of time for even themselves,,,no! my daughters will never know what lonely means! I will not allow them to know what it means, they will only know love, and togetherness. i felt a warm and a lively breath in my lung, i fell asleep...

March 30, 2008


09:19 AM Jun 05 2008



selamu alikom



11:25 PM May 12 2008