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Fish Chen

Fish Chen


April 8, 2009

today i received a cartoon from my friend,the detail is as below:

I jumped down from the 8th floor,in the course of droping,i see:
The couple in the 7th floor is fighting ;
The strong man in the 6th floor is crying stealthy;
The beautiful girl in the 5th floor is taking the medicament that can make her calm;
The graduate in the 4th floor watches 7 pcs newspapers to find a job;
The elder in the 3rd floor hopes someone to look in him everyday;
The woman in the 2nd floor is peering at the photo of her husband who has disappeared for half a year;
Before i jumped,i feel that i'm the most unhappy person in the world......
After saw them,i find my life is receivable......
Now the person who i saw right now is looking at me,are they thinking that they are living well enough now?

 that's just a cartoon ,but it encourage me to do everything activity and try hard to be the best of myself.

what's your opinion to this cartoon?

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