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June 20, 2008

i have known all the truth .it is like that i was still watching a redicuous a preposterous play and i became a victim,no one doubt his cabal. but  he will be punished by god sooner or later.

now i have to thank  a person ....who is my friend

when  a BiG BIG BIG lie was uncoverd and a person's moral qulity was found,i would NOT feel sadness or disappointing for him .however,i felt disengagement and i cuoldn't bear  laughing  laughing  laughing at  the fucking person because he did  many TMD stupid and cock-and-bull things.no one can contol him and no one can make him know what is love (friends love ,family love,lovers).all full of lies ,he lied to everybody and they are very unbelieveable. he think he is smarter(TMD,fart) than everyone meanwhile dont make others find his lies,actually the fucking person is wrong and we have known all the truth.all the things will be seen in the sunshine.

TMD J  you must be honest as a human being ,otherwise you TMD are a brute.you TMD should go to hell .Stop doing retarded things to others .you think no one knew ur past things ,oh ,dear ,you are wrong


 p.s making friends should be canny.












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