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December 1, 2006

Yes Yes Yes!!! We have weekend and i am so happy for that. This was so dificult week for me i am really exhausted and my dream comes true now:) it is two days free from school:)
I had many good things during this days i was happy many times but i felt that i need to rest. I was in contact with God and i felt with it great when i saw smile on people face when i with friends were singing in church. And i had hot in heart when ours "Master of guitar" was crying from happy when we singing for him and when we give him best wishes and our small gift for his holy.
I like when people arund me are happy it is give me many powe to live and to be good
yeah i am so happy now!

But it is also one thing which is sad.... nobady write coments here...

take care everyone and best wishes for everyone without any ocasion:)

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