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March 3, 2007

:) Life sweet life.... I wasnt write long time:) I was today on dance competition and i am happy now. I want to dance too like this people who i looked at. I am looking for love I feel alone sometimes i fell exhausted about my life all the time alone it is a litle tyring and sad. but what can I do? Maybe some advise? I am joking ofcourse:) I hope that one day I meet somewher this special one man for me... I believe in it all the time maybe I am a litle crazy but... it is me:) Och it is going to be sad i should change the topic... not mans:) so maybe it is going to spring life will wake up in a days:) it is great time. Lot of sun manny animals births and leaves green beautiful. I want spring and i want love:)
" I can't stop dreaming of you" about my love of course

take care my friends and write some comments please becouse it is so empty here:(

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02:44 PM Dec 31 2007


yes yes yes ... i hope that i can be your prince :d:d:d:d