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January 11, 2010

i love eveything

even its bad 

i love the sky,the blue sky in a fine day

i love flower,white rose that i hold it right now

i love river,a long river where i'm always go there

i love my relative,my lovely relative who gave me for eveything

....and.....i love....UU  i'm shy to say this sentence

i love you for all of my heart

when you hold my hand and smile and laugh

i want to stop this time


OMg ...i'm falling in love with you

kissing you .....i can't without you baby

boy don't leave ,don't go

please be by my side

and i'll closely say to you"i love you"

come to my heart and then  i will love you

just give me for your heart first

i'll love you ...Do not just look at me ...

i'm yours already.....i'll love you

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View all entries from jib's dialy >

08:37 AM Feb 23 2010



er~~~~welcome to China ,if you want a guide,i will do it for free!!!

05:18 AM Jan 12 2010



 go for it , may you achieve what you want!!!

02:53 AM Jan 12 2010

Fish Chen

Fish Chen

welcome to China

BTW,Chengdu is also a nice choice