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December 30, 2010

I'm walking on the long way,this way is so  quiet,i pick a flower up.

i hand in the sky,i'm also looking at the sky and the birds,

I walk to my hometown,the light is still bright ,i want to be calm right now.

My lonely has flow though the wind is still running around me .

 I want to reach  this beautiful sky in the afternoon,my face is pink and my hands both so cool.

i need someone to keep them warm 

My regret has remain in my shattering heart, 

I watch my foots and the ground beside them is quite wet,i'm suddenly look up to the sky again, i'm gradually close my eyes,


I said I was a bad girl to flower,i kill you 

i said i was a selfish girl to the road,

i said i was a stupid girl to the world,

i said i was a silly girl to the wind,

i said i was a lonely girl to the sky,

do they believe me?


i'm still waiting for someone who can take me away from this way

i know though it's so beautiful,i'm keep walking.........

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View all entries from jib's dialy >