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August 13, 2009

Hi guys,Yesterday I had amazing day with my friends.First of all, in the morning my parents had some business, so left my little sister (she’s a week and 3 days old :D) with me. She was uneasy, so I had to keep her in the one hand, and wih  another made berries milkshake, tided my room and had to hurry to prepare for meeting with my friends.omg!

My friends and I went to the cinema and watched a movie ‘The sister’s keeper’.This film is a drama with tragic end, so I wasn’t very happy when we’d chosen this film.  ‘My sister’s keeper’  is a story about family, about love against weakness of person. What does mean to be good parents, good daughter  and good person? Is it good to do everything that you’ll save life of child, even if it’s against other person’s rights?

“Extraordinary things are hided in such places, where people don’t think  to search them.”

“Distress should be restrictive by law. There should be the book of rules, in which would be write that to get up from bed with weep is normal, but just a month.”

“See, that and how you’d like to hold into painful remembers about person, who has left this world, you’ve still lived in this world. But life process very reminds floods and ebbs: waves of flood can look  poor and not visible, but after some time you look around and see, how much pain they’ve already  washed into the sea.”

(Sorry for my mistakes)

In the end many girls cried. Sad end… nice words and music. People should  value every day, cuz you never know… mybie, this is your last day.

After the film we went to restaurant, cuz we celebrated my friend’s birthday. We talked, ate an aplle pie, drank cider and had a lot of laugh. I love my friends.

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