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February 8, 2009

this goes out to someone that was

once the most important person in my life

i didnt realize it at the time

i cannt forgive myself for the way i treated u so

i dont really expect u to either

its just ... i dont even know

just listen......

you're the one that i like . the one that i need

the one that i gotta have just to succeed

when i first saw u. i knew it was real

i'm sorry about the pain i made u feel

that wasn't me . let me show u the way

i looked for the sun. but its raining today

i remember when i first looked into  your eyes

it was like god was there, heaven in the skies

i wore a disguise cause i didnt want to get hurt

but i didnt know i made everything worse

u told me we were crazy in love

but u didnt care when push came to shove

if u loved me as much as u said u did

then u wouldnt have hurt me like i aint shit

now u pushed me away like u never evne knew me

i loved u with my heart. really and trul

i guess u forgot about the times that we shared

when i would run my fingers through ur hair

late nights. just holding u in my arms

i dont know how i could do u so wrong

i really wanna show u i really need to hold u

i really wanna know u like no one could else know u

u r number one . always in my heart

and now i cannt believe that our love is torn a part

i need u and

i miss u and

i want u and

i love u  cause

i wanna hold u

i wanna kiss u

u were my everthing

and i really miss u

i knew u gonna sit and play this with ur new man

and then sit and laugh as u'r holding his hand

the though of that just shatters my heart

it breaks in my soul and it tears me apart

at times we was off i was scared to show u

now i wanna hold u until i cant hold u

without u everything seems strange

ur name is forever planted in my brain

damn it . im insane.

take away the pain

take away the hurt

baby, we can make it work

what about when u

looked into my eyes

told me u loved me

as u would hugged me

i guess everything u said was a lie

i think about it , it brings tears to my eyes

now i'm not even a thought in ur mind

i can see clearly my love is not blind

i just wish everythig could have turned out differently

i had a special feeling about u

i though maybe u did too

u would understand but...

no matter what, u'll always be in my heart

u'll always be my baby

our first day, it seemed so magical

i remember all the time that i had with u

remember when u first came to my house?

u looked like an angel wearing that blouse

we hit it off, i knew it was real

but now i can't take all the pain that i feel

reach in ur heart, i know im still there.

i dont wanna hear that u no longer care

remember the times? remember when we kissed?

i didnt think u would ever do me like this

i didnt think u'd wanna see me depressed

i though u'd be there for me, this i confess

u said u were my best friend, was that a lie?

now im nothing to u, u'r with another guy

i tried, i tried, i tried, and im trying

now on the inside it fells like im dying

and i do miss u

i just thought we were meant to be

i guess now, we'll never know

the only thing i want is for u to be happy

whether it be with me, or without me.





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