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February 24, 2009

its been so long

that i havent seen ur face

im tryna be strong

but the strength i have is washing away

it wont be long before i get u by my side

and just hold u, tease u, squeeze u

tell u whats been on my mind

girl i know mistakes were made between us two

and we show our eyes that nite even said somethings werent true

why'd  u go and havent seen my girl since then

why cannt it be the way it was

cos u were my homie lover and friend

i cannt lie

i miss u much

watching everyday that goes by

i miss u much

till i get u back im gonna try

yes i miss u much

u r the apple of my eye

girl i miss u much

i miss u much

i cant lie

i miss u much

i want u to fly with me

want u to fly

i miss how u lie with me

miss how u lie

just wish u could dine with me

wish u could dine

one that would grind with me

one that would grind

i wanna make up right now

i wanna make up right now

wish we never broke up right now

we need to link up right now.



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