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Yesterday finally snowed.

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May 8, 2018

The day before yesterday, I met with a foreigner, on my way college, aboard the bus. He was from France, worrying whether he had taken the right bus. He showed me a page of a book with "兵马俑" on it, which refers to Terra-Cotta Warriors, and asked:" Is it the 'good' bus?" (His words seemed to be like these, I don't remember the details) He must have spoken English in French way. 

I answered affirmatively, and then he smiled. I had talked with him; but neither of us could speak English well. He told me that he had traveled to Yun Nan, Si chuan, and planning to travel to Peking...

For my poor proficiency of English, we finally became silent. Sitting there, he was looking out the window without saying a word. And from then on, I have determined to improve my English, so that I could talk with foreigners fluently.

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12:24 AM May 09 2018

United States

Thanks for your story; you have taken the first step to learning English. You can become fluent in English if you set your mind to it and do what it takes to be successful. I can be an English resource to you but it's up to you. Go for it!