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October 29, 2009

 first of all, i have not been here for long time, but still many friends add me and like to make friends with me, i feel so happy and so thankfull.

life is going on, i tryed many way to make my life more easy, and i used to do many work as i can do, but i know, no matter how much i earn, i have to have a good mood, that's more important,

really sometimes feel so hard, the colleges not kind to me, the friends not understand me , and the bad things happed on me, all these things make me feel nearly mad! but at last i undstood. not other people that can give you a good mood, but yourself, if you want cry, no matter what others do, you will feel so upset, but if you want to make a good feel, if you want to happy, no boday can stop you either.it all depends on you!

my work still not very good, but i am stick on to improve myself and to may every try to make the life better, and to reach my dreams, life is long, and i am sure i will reach it some day.

if you have a good dream, try on, and you will nearer and nearer, and at last it will be in your hand.

do you believe it? i alway think so.

October 17, 2007

hello everyone, it wes so^^^long a time that i didin't come here , and see so many people still remeber me, i feel so happy.

i used to think that i was always alone, but things not seem to be so, i have a very good family and i have some very good friends, that makes me feel so happy!

hope all of you have a happy life !

03:02 AM May 22 2009



Thanks for these share..

Sohpier can u have IBM 000-111 and 000-206 ?

06:19 AM May 03 2009


can you  tell me how to use english_baby,this is the fist time i find this website !thank you very much

11:59 PM May 12 2008



08:31 AM Dec 20 2007


Hi Sophie....Thnx for the link...do you also having more links for other IBM certifications like 000-Z01 System Programmer Mastery


December 17, 2006

 my name is sophie, i graduated last summer from collge, and now i work in a company, and now i have worked for nearly three month.

 my english is not very good, it is really a block in my work,so i want to find a good way to improve my english, especially my spoken english.

also i want to make many friends, who can share my happiness and sadness, i am sure friend is the most important person who can help you when you are in trouble, and the only person who can be your side when you feel sad, lonely and tearing.i am finding this golden friendship in the world, not much, but for one who can trade me by heart.

when you have many friends, then you have as many ways. so don't forget your friends, and trade all the person well beside you. for all of them may be your way to supass the difficulty and hardness.

08:30 AM Dec 16 2008



hi,I have seen your blogs.I am a college student .my major is electronic information project,but i don't like it.my favorite subject is english.Sometimes I think about changeing my major.but then I quit the idea.I decide to learn english as my hobby not my profession.I want to make friends with those who have the same interests with me. So  can wo be friend?maybe I can call you sister if you don't mind ,as i am young than you.