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October 29, 2009

 first of all, i have not been here for long time, but still many friends add me and like to make friends with me, i feel so happy and so thankfull.

life is going on, i tryed many way to make my life more easy, and i used to do many work as i can do, but i know, no matter how much i earn, i have to have a good mood, that's more important,

really sometimes feel so hard, the colleges not kind to me, the friends not understand me , and the bad things happed on me, all these things make me feel nearly mad! but at last i undstood. not other people that can give you a good mood, but yourself, if you want cry, no matter what others do, you will feel so upset, but if you want to make a good feel, if you want to happy, no boday can stop you either.it all depends on you!

my work still not very good, but i am stick on to improve myself and to may every try to make the life better, and to reach my dreams, life is long, and i am sure i will reach it some day.

if you have a good dream, try on, and you will nearer and nearer, and at last it will be in your hand.

do you believe it? i alway think so.

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