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    June 06

    • JohnBrooke and 25 other people commented on the lesson Self-Improvement

      Self-improvement is must to go extra miles. I try to improve by many ways , one of that is, read...

    June 03

    • JohnBrooke and 15 other people commented on the vocab genuine
      Vocabulary Word: genuine

      The person who came to meet me must be genuine as fas as I could understand him.

    May 29

    • JohnBrooke commented on the grammar point Gerunds vs. Infinitives

      Very intelligent post with great to the point examples... such a very basic things should be kno...

    May 23

    • JohnBrooke and 12 other people commented on the lesson Advanced Degrees
      Advanced Degrees

      For having certificate in hard copy form going to high school is perfect. Else there are plenty ...

    April 19