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Advanced Degrees
Advanced Degrees

Learn English with this advanced degrees English lesson

Date: Jan 02 2019

Themes: School, Work

Grammar: It's vs. Its


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Most students in the U.S. will complete four years at university and find a job when they’re finished. But many return for their advanced degrees at graduate schools. These students are either very interested in a subject to study, or they want a graduate degree to find an even better job.

But grad school is very expensive and there are other ways to learn. For example, there are free online resources for people to study subjects that interest them. Is going back to school really necessary?

Lily is thinking about going to grad school, but Gary believes that she can study on her own. Find out more in today’s English lesson about advanced degrees.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Lily:  I’m thinking about going to grad school.

Gary:  Why are you going to do that?

Lily:  Because I’m interested in teaching, and to do that you have to…

Gary:  ...develop new skill sets, techniques…

Lily:  Yeah, exactly. That kind of thing. Especially if you want to teach specific things.

Gary:  Why don’t you just study the specific things that you’re interested in? The internet has so many great courses that you could just focus on one particular interest and do it from home. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Lily:  But I feel like taking actual classes in an actual class setting is really important, especially when you’re trying to develop and hone your skills. I think it’s really helpful because then you can talk to other people. It helps you learn to be in that kind of a situation.

Gary:  I guess I always felt that self improvement doesn’t need to be done in that kind of setting if you could just do it at home. But, yeah, I see your point.

Lily:  We’re different learners, I guess.

Gary:  Yeah, maybe.


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Lily feels like she’d really like to go back to school to earn an advanced degree. But Gary thinks that she doesn’t have to get back in the classroom to learn a specific thing. He thinks that there are plenty of online resources available for her to improve her skills.

Lily still thinks that it’s very helpful to be in a classroom setting. She thinks it’s helpful to be able to talk to other students in person. Gary understands that everybody has a different learning style.

Are you thinking of getting an advanced degree? Or do you like to use online courses for self improvement?



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For having certificate in hard copy form going to high school is perfect. Else there are plenty of online resources one can learn hign end advanced English..after that implementation does matter..

04:55 AM May 23 2019 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i believe school doesn’t teach you much. it depends on you and your passion to learn. it doesnt matter which setting you are in for learning and improve your skiil set.

07:02 AM May 10 2019 |




i am a working man and for me  also I don’t have much tym to try something new . but I utilize my tym during treval .

To make our self more efficient we need to use every single minut.

because we think just in secends  you can make sense  how big is a single minute..

02:10 PM Jan 02 2019 |

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Like now, to me, self improvement better than other ways, because I have a job, every day I need do something, so I haven’t more free time to learn others, but I can plan my free time to learn other interesting things. If you live you should study for the future.

08:33 AM Jan 02 2019 |

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My personal opinion, I think it different, it depends on whether what do you want from studying, becuase more than  the cetificate that you will get it, you must to have friend from grad school. I mean some of people studying to advance degree for keep relation, contibuite opportunities for business also. For me, I like both of advanced degree and self improvement. 

07:31 AM Jan 02 2019 |

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both could work, attending a class may be money consuming though…

12:35 PM Dec 15 2014 |

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i have finished abechelor degree of accounting and i am completing the master degree of accounting and finance 

i cannot study alone i have to be with a teacer in a classroom sitting because this makes me committed  ....

10:09 PM Dec 14 2014 |

1 person likes this



<a href=”http://www.parsianmusic.ir/” title=”دانلود آهنگ جدید” rel=”follow”>دانلود آهنگ جدید</a>

08:57 PM Dec 12 2014 |




i have already done my grad  but still if i need anything in order to hone my skills i just go for internet as it is the best resource for all the information you require. 

self improvement and taking classes both has its own undeniable advantages. 

12:22 PM Dec 11 2014 |

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I’d like to get an advanced degree, but I don’t think I can’t afford it at the moment. And Gary is right that there are many great resources online which can always help us improve ourselfves.

06:49 AM Dec 11 2014 |




When you walk around a campus in the US you will notice  how many  Chinese and  Japanese  students have enrolled  to study in a prestigious university . As Jessica, i prefer  one to one studies . It is not the same a master degree  obtained in a recognized university  than  a degree from an online course . When you apply for a job, a degree from the last one is of scarce value.   

04:18 PM Dec 10 2014 |




   In Taiwan, with 98% granted rate to University, you really have no choice but go further for higher degrees like Master or Doctor degree, if you want a better job.

   While in many countries the skills are really the matter things, in Taiwan it is not. If you have a higher degree, it would guarantee a higher paid job. Althought skills and degrees are not necessarily connected, unfortunately it is still a case here.

07:20 AM Dec 10 2014 |


absalonSuper Member!


02:16 AM Dec 09 2014 |

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