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| 05:55 AM May 19 2014


Saudi Arabia

No not weaker sex, women also can
kill men who stand in their way…
Men do not and can not but men are getting help from the crazy law who stands on their side too…to make others sex crazy … bu the law would die

| 10:54 AM May 16 2014


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

u are weaker sex coz men force you to do it..i don t think female done it with their liberty :P

| 06:26 PM Oct 21 2013


Saudi Arabia

You are very beautiful girl and I love beautiful girls just like you are, so can we be just friends…

| 01:43 PM Jun 02 2013



hahah :D I don’t know either… ehh maybe because women want to be loved and believe in man’s promises about happy life… yeah.. naivety :D
on the other side there is chance (1/1000000 :D) that you will meet someone with whom you can be happy for the rest of you life.. maybe it’s worth to try

| 04:25 AM May 31 2013



Ryo I agree that many people are stupid, fanatical and closed-minded… afraid to think by themself there are many places in the world where it would be a reason to kill that person… thats horrible, in this case I’m glad to live in Poland
and what about extinction of the human you must have some wrong information… don’t be afraid about it :) unless you mean human as a some state of mind
not only living, eating, multiplying but also some state of mind, freedom, capability to discover world, create and so on… in this deeper way of thinking I may agree with you..
but I don’t know what do you think about the picture, I think that there you should write something about it.

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