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Ihdina as sirata al musaquim. Coran 1:6

Ihdina as sirata al musaquim. Coran 1:6


December 30, 2016

June 18, 2016

December 23, 2016

December 30, 2016

Where is hapniness?

Where is hapniness?

January 3, 2017

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| 07:10 PM Feb 14 2017



Dear englishlrnr:
Only Allah (SWT) can guide the hearts.
We can’t.
I used to be blind, but Allah (SWT) is merciful, even when I dont deserve. I am not better than others for learning. It is due to my Creator. Only Allah (SWT) knows what’s deep inside the hearts. Who will go to paradise? Who won’t?
I pray for His mercy for all mankind. It’s my duty. Thx for ur comments. Salam.

| 08:22 AM Feb 12 2017



Madam how can you explain White color to a blind person so just pray for their vision. Thanks

| 01:23 PM Jan 03 2017


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

WobblyJoe! U better say about your country wars in Middle East.

| 02:17 PM Jan 02 2017


United States

“I can see in ur answers too”
Show me this evil.
You have begun to lie now.
What will Islam teach you next?
You started out asking about God, now you are repeating lies.
What’s next?
A plane ticket to NYC?

| 01:36 PM Jan 02 2017



U missunderstood me.
I know a young man, he is Mathematical Physicist. He works for a Research in USA, they work hard to control the weather against other countries, for example, the thunders, the drought, the floods, the tsunames, the storms.
And, I see how mad u get abt my answer. Well, thats up to u. I still think USA is the worst place in the world. Evilnessis there. I can see in ur answers too. I was correct, BSM is correct, Mohammand is correct. Bye Wobbley.