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i wanna live without love !!



hi all my friends

at fact , i was loved someone but, she's was leave me and marry from rich man bucz iam very poor

she's choose money and sell love !!

she's not happy i know but, iam not happy too

so, i swear i not love agina for ever

yet now and after few years i love without Any love at my life

it's not good i know but, iam happy .. i was stay love that women but, i know when i be dead man i will forgtten her !!!

my friends …

do u think that can someone live without love ? !! and that life will be intersting ? !!

i think yes so, what about you all ?

thanx for ur time

10:30 PM Sep 08 2008 |

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Hi guy,congratulations!By this thing you will be a man not a boy.A man knows that the world is a complex!Sometimes,some girl would rather choose money than lover,not true or false.Maybe she is not destined for you.

02:11 AM Sep 09 2008 |




No…Sharp… you can'tSurprised...

I bet you will be okay soon no matter how hard she is to get over. After sometime, you will struggle to remind the color of her eyes.  Then you can begin again…..

02:59 AM Sep 09 2008 |

lady of virtues

Saudi Arabia

man u will forget her soon inshaAllah ..

 u believe that she is the loser becoz she leave u ..

so u can enjoy ur life ..do not spend ur time thinking about her ..


05:47 AM Sep 09 2008 |




Nobody can live without love, sharp. Without love you’d die and don’t know what the reason for your existence. I hope you could get over it soon my bro. Just be honest to yourself, she’s not worth enough to be waited for. I’m just like you, still waiting for one love that I had lost many years ago. But pliz move on your life. There’re many nice and smart women in this world. Enjoy your life

06:40 AM Sep 09 2008 |



hi guy , Forgot her and make friends with another one …you will find her is not very good , and you will find love is a good thing !

07:41 AM Sep 09 2008 |



i am so sorry for heard that ,but  i think u will be stand up again , when u met another girl that urs style.

just take it easy , that is life.

08:25 AM Sep 09 2008 |



living  without love…it's like living just to do it..


An old italian proverb tells

"has closed a door, it's opening a main door"

08:48 AM Sep 09 2008 |



never say "never"!

say thanx to god, that she left you now, it would be more painful to find that you married with person who is able to betray you

keep working on yourself to achieve new goals and make her regret that she left such a great man

keep your chin up Cool

09:31 AM Sep 09 2008 |

oh  boring

oh boring


I was very sad when I heard my boyfriend fall in love with another girl immediatly after I said goodbay to him. I thought he never loved me and I didn't trust there is ture love in this world. But now I think everybody needs love. It's the most beautiful thing in the world.

11:25 AM Sep 09 2008 |



please take care.. actually you need't waste much energy and time on that woman whom choose money but love..and you should'b feel happy because you find her weakness before you make decision to marry her.. don't feel depressed.. life is so wonderful that we have no reason to waste it.. sincerely hope that everything will  smooth with you

01:26 PM Sep 09 2008 |