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what makes you happy?


Serbia and Montenegro

I want to open new discussion between us?


what makes toy happy?

Does many make you happy?


11:26 AM Feb 22 2009 |

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Saudi Arabia

I am happy when others are happy.

If others are sad, it is useless to be happy alone.

11:37 AM Feb 22 2009 |

Allez! Arsène


It takes me a long time to think about this question…

 but finally i have no idea to find out what can make me happy~Yell

12:46 PM Feb 22 2009 |



delicious food

good weather

nice music and movies

my parents my friends and i are all fine



12:52 PM Feb 22 2009 |

Canna :)

Canna :)


If I get travel chance then really crazy make me happy =D 

And I get togther with my family(parents and old sister) play poker and win when I make money xD anyway miss my old sister now :'( she live another city of china for work.and so far away here:/  if by plane..then will use 6 hours reach our cityFoot in mouth

when I hang out with my fds feel happy ~ and go shopping buy I liked things then feel good =) and watching comedy movie make me happy too ;)

and and and..oh… so many things make me happy  lol.. so I cann't write all =P

so tell me about u?? what make u happy?? ^^

01:05 PM Feb 22 2009 |



The level of happiness varies from each and every individual for me as long as theres enough supply of of the basic needs of every human being i think theres no reason not to be happy unless you have the greed. In my case when all the chores,obligations are done and the tv is onSmilethen its a complete day!~

01:51 PM Feb 22 2009 |



 hello im dexters daughter…computer really makes me happy but, it makes my grades low haahahah… my dad is really mad about it…i also love watching movies!.. thats all.. please do leave reply for my message if you want..have a nice day!~ mwaaaaaa…add me to your freindster if you have.. !..harharSmileSmileSmile


                                                              lots ovv kisses!


01:55 PM Feb 22 2009 |




i'm happy when i see someone happy because of me or because of something i did(i like to make people happy)Wink i am happy when i am with atrue friend , when i am laghing , when i see others happy , when someon that i don't know make eye contact with me and smile , when i play with cildren , when i get high grads in school , when my parents come to school , when i can express my feelings …......

04:01 PM Feb 22 2009 |


Serbia and Montenegro

I know this is a philosophical questions, but everybody of us has a lot of experience to answer this question. What is more, we can learn about happiness from books. 

I read all your answers, and to say the truth I like most of them. 

To be happy, is undescribe feelling sometimes, but is positive feelling, dispite eating a delisious food, or drinking something. Happines is one kind of feelling, wich is caused as result, of positive reflection from our outside world and our inside impressions. Sometimes happiness is shown, when we embrace our mother, and she smilesin the same time. Or wheh you see your acquaintance or neighbour, and you say hi to him. Happinessis shown, when we look at the sunrise in the morning, drinking tea in the same time. 

I would like to continou this describe of happiness, but I like to read the ideas of the others.


04:38 PM Feb 22 2009 |




my family

04:41 PM Feb 22 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i am happy when i have done my duty as well as i can



05:17 PM Feb 22 2009 |