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Are you afraid to speak english?



Well, that's what I always ask to my friends who always tell me not to speak to them in English… They only answer me with a smirk and the like and when I asked them why they just smile… There's nothing wrong in speaking English, besides, it will help you improve your language skills. NOW, tell me, are you afraid to speak English? Why or why not?Smile

02:13 PM Jan 29 2008 |

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When i speak with my friend i fell very easy

11:24 AM Feb 01 2008 |




YA,sometimes I guess so.maybe be afraid of making faults? haa,but now I think only more practise can make improvement,right~ c'mon:)

12:27 PM Feb 01 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

for my self, my work environment is english speaker but unfortuntlay I Cannot speak like them.myebe after a period i will be like them. also, most of the people who has same langauge enjoy in orginal langauge more than forgen.

i think when i   practice english conversation very well  and daily, i will be professional in the language skills.

by the way any one would like to practice english conversation just add my massenger (absi99@hotmail) 


02:43 PM Feb 01 2008 |

Green Alice

Russian Federation

I was always afraid to speak. It was a fear of making mistakes, mispronouncing words, having an awful accent, being misunderstood, lacking vocabulary and grammar, looking ridiculous, and so on… I still have this fear in formal situations, but with friends I'm comfortable.

One thing is true – no matter what situation is, if both parties feel patient enough to understand each other, they will surely do. Determination to communicate is very important.


10:29 PM Feb 01 2008 |




Hi Justic, you stolen my words. what you said is exactly what I want to say!Cool

01:05 AM Feb 02 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

i am not afraid to speak english ,

i do so many mistakes and some times i use very wrong words but, its ok, i also do not like to speak english all the time i like my native language hehehe

(it is just a matter of time)....

12:04 PM Feb 02 2008 |



Hong Kong

It depends on different situation, I am not afraid to speak out in front of my teacher and classmates. However, I feel so nervous about talking with my colleagues by english. It is because I do not have a confidence in my pronouncing as well as lacking of vocabulary.

Actually, I understand that it is necessarily for me to overcome this. Otherwise, I cannot move to upper level.  


02:59 PM Feb 02 2008 |



I think when you are in front of  someone who speak very well or better tnan you it's very difficult because the stress comes  and you want to prove  you speak  better than later on !! For me is very stressfull !!

05:42 PM Feb 02 2008 |



Viet Nam

Everyone knows that speaking a foreign language is not easy, especially at the first time. If we are afraid of speaking out and making mistakes, no one can recognize our mistakes and help us correct them. Therefore, when we have the passion of learning a foreign language and dare confront challenges, we can overcome difficulties easilly. hihi. in my class, my teachers usually say this motto: " IF YOU'RE SHY, YOU WILL DIE".Laughing

09:25 PM Feb 02 2008 |




I m afraid to speak english because i m afraid to make mistake.Really i need some  helpe .

08:37 PM Feb 09 2008 |