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Marriage is prostitution...




If the base of marriage is a contract  it is definitly organised prostitutioin… what is prostitution…it is a contract between a couple where man/woman pays/gifts something in order to allow other for the use of his /her body.. & in marriage if man agrees to woman to meet the needs of woman,to care the the kids of produce of sex.. if it is agreement it is certainly long term prostitution.. just with the difference of pereiod..

If marriage is based upon the basis of love it has different dimension.. where a couple lives together not because of needs but for sharing.. it is different story.

03:29 AM Mar 07 2008 |

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Well i see marriage  as a beautiful thing and I can't but feel absurd that you think marriage is prostitution.

If you feel this strongly about marriage I doubt you'll ever marry…. Or maybe you're speaking from experience eh!!! {$lang_emotions_tongue-out}


10:26 AM Mar 07 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

hi dev , could you make sure how much your lover love you( 5%- 30%- or may 100%) ?? how ??

10:40 AM Mar 07 2008 |




you right man! the only different thing is having children…and that's it

11:51 AM Mar 07 2008 |



I do agree with joe and kana…marriage is not a prostitution…its  to legalize  couples to stay together and have sex together without having trouble in the eyes of people and in the eyes of God. Husband have sex with his wife of love not of money. So its not prostitution. Marriage is accompanied with responsibility  it is not a payment for having sex with your wife. 

Those people who think that marriage is like a hell to them..coz they were  limited  to what they wanted to do.. are selfish….they just think of themselves …self centered.

Does sex is the only thing that makes men happy? Is it the most important thing in their life? I know if you love someone its not just sex….there is something more…sex its just a part in our life….its not the whole thing.


11:56 AM Mar 07 2008 |



Awwww!!! sorry my dear pretty, sexy and gorgeous  friend….there …it has been corrected….Laughing..hahahhaah…i am really not getting any younger…Tongue out.

10:32 PM Mar 07 2008 |



never gonna happen if it is why do the men keep on sleeping with other women outside the marriage? you can give  it another word but prostitution… dont think so


11:46 PM Mar 07 2008 |



marriage is the best thing that exists

you feel free happy love  completly completly different with prostitution (like  -  and +)

11:48 PM Mar 07 2008 |

kika fly

kika fly


   SORRY, i don't  agree with you, marriage is not like that!!!!! 


why the most of people think that  marriage is just sex????

we are a human being ,we have soul and feeling.


12:43 AM Mar 08 2008 |



So dev, do you think if a man or woman appears in a film where they perform sexual acts is prostitution? It's a contract… it involves letting someone use your body…



12:51 AM Mar 08 2008 |



To all my prejudiced friends,
I am sorry to say friends none of the participents had read the topic carefully… to all…all is just understood…. lols…just see two ifs…
In marriage if man agrees to woman…... &
If marriage is based uponthe basis of love….
What should I call my friends…..It’s a proves that all expresses what is contained in their minds…
Everyone keeps his own dictionry & evry one derives meaning what he wants to derive… so how can we read our scriptures… we add meaning to scriptures that we want… nothing is written into scriptures.. but everything is written in our minds….
For dear Kanobi…
Dear kindly reply to my question…what is good sex & relation of breathing with it.. I talk sincerely… I do really mean..I am not kidding as you somtimes say..

02:19 AM Mar 08 2008 |