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Life Talk!

A day in your Life ...




Dear all,

in Germany a project was finalised - people wrote like a diary about one day in their Life, about one day in the Present. Like a diary. The letters are published in a book.

Would you like to share one day of your Life with us? Who will start …

Have a nice day. 

07:18 AM Nov 19 2006 |

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Good morning all over the world,

today I will tell you something about my saturday. Saturday is today, now 06:50 am. Since 05:00 o´clock I am busy. Totally crazy. Why not staying in the warm bed …

So I put some clothes into my washing machine. Then I answered some emails, I got from members here. Now I will have a look on www.ebay.de – maybe I will find some nice things … Then I will prepare meal for my two cats. One of them is very old, 18 years. 

Being ready - I will go shopping. Some Christmas decoration and some needful things. Tomorrow I will report you, what has been the biggest part of my shopping – several "widgets" – we do not need real or the needful things. We will see …

Have a nice day all over the world.

05:57 AM Nov 25 2006 |



Hi all of you,

Hi Tabetha,

So, you want to know what I'm doing today. It's simple.

Our dog jumped onto our bed at exactly 2:43 am, happily and loving.. I'll bought her a clock next…. I got up to put her again in the kitchen. OK, nice beginning!

Then my wife's clock rang abruptly @ 7:52 while I was dreaming peacefully. OK, it's going on…

After that, my wife complained about a strong headache, but I didn't do anything to her before, so it wasn't my fault….I swear…

Then, nice breakfast  with good old tea, toasts, fruit jam…

Around 9 am, golf under a drizzle.. But it's not cold at all, even if the wind is strong (the balls do not go exactly where I want them to go… ).

Back home, I have some features articles to read, and some books to learn. I'll play Scott Joplin's rags or Dave Brubeck's if I have some time. (The neighbours are gone in week-end I hope).

Afternoon: my elder daughter comes with her family, nice kids and funny husband. 

Well, I stop here: life goes on.. the beat goes on…. 

Hey ! The Planet Earth ! Don't be to warm  !

 Have a nice day all of you guys !

10:38 AM Nov 25 2006 |




I got up at 9:30am,cause yesterday I was busy shopping for Thanks Giving Big deals. My friends drove me to a natural park and we walked along the trails.I saw different plants and the sea on the trail.we saild hello to the pass by persons just like we are all friends since we meet once in our life.

When we walked down to the beach, we saw the blue sky and sea .A man was fishing with two lovly kids.they had already two fish in their barrel ,still alive! As we are chatting gladly, the man run to his fishing pole,and then another big fish!

He gave us two of his fish ! I am happy to see for the f isrt time fishing in the sea and met such a interesting friends.He was happy ,too.And invite us to fishing next weekend.

So it is easy for us to make freinds from the earth.In fact, We all are freinds .Some we do meet face to face, while others we meet from our heart.

It is my first time to write diary on the web.Thanks my freinds give me another "Fist " 

Have a nice day !May you are all lucky to meet more freinds!

04:24 AM Nov 26 2006 |




Good morning,

Yves, thank you for make me laughing. It´s going on – I am still asking, if you also put your wife in the kitchen :- )

Now, I have to finish my diary from yesterday.

As I mentioned, I was shopping for Christmas. I bought two very, very small "trees" – as a decoration for my table. Snow spray – you know? Some Christmas globes in BLACK – this is up-to-date this year and I like it. I used to decorate my Christmas tree every year in another colour. I will decorate the black with the brown and golden ones, I used last year. Some little things – nobody really needs :- ) – in silver, some angles, some St. Claus figures - and my Christmas decoration shopping tour finished.

Then my husband and me drove to the city, it was crowded. We bought something for our Sunday dinner – it will be something typical of the traditional German cooking: dumplings and goulash. I prefer Italian and French cooking, but sometimes I like our traditional food – most during the winter time.

After finishing our shopping tour we went to the Christmas market, we had our first punch for this "winter". Winter? 19 C – the warmest winter since forecasters watch the weather. In Germany this means – the warmest winter since more than 100 years. The normal temperature at November is round about 5-6! So we had hot punch wearing T-shirts.

After shopping we use to go to dinner in a restaurant. So we eat our Pasta and drove back to home. Where the cats and the dog were still waiting for their meals and the dog also for his walk. Maybe the dog felt bored, he opened my wardrobe and cleared it out …

This was a typical Saturday for me (also the clearing out my dog did …). Today I have to put all the decoration things on the right place …

Have a nice day all over the world.


07:37 AM Nov 26 2006 |

winter flower


hi everyone!

I am honourned to have read your daily stories.I am a girl from china. Today is a niceday .And I have just had a holiday of 7 days.I begin my study today.I like to be your friend.

Nice day!

12:52 PM May 08 2007 |




haha,so am I.The 7-days-holiday make lazy.

But it's really a nice day today.

I got up at 7:30am.The good weather made me remember the song:"I am walking on the sunshine~~~~~~".After breakfast I had to attend two English classes.The guy sit before me seems like me.Then I went to the library at about 10:00am.Then—-had lunch,had two classes in the after roon,sit before the computer now.

It's a day I really really really like.

And have a nice day all of you!

02:42 PM May 08 2007 |

Josh K

Josh K


Dear friends

One life, then have too much fun it.



11:01 PM May 08 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

huh!! nothing interesting but going to school and doing great in my test today..i think thats all you have to know.

12:53 PM May 09 2007 |

Josh K

Josh K


have my family and friends with me, is very nice.

10:23 PM May 11 2007 |




Today is only halfway through and I don't have very much to say about it so I'll rather tell about yesterday.

I woke up at 5:50 am like I do every weekday, which is horrible, I know, but has become a habit. School was quite boring, as usual, we got our math tests back and seems that I didn't completely screw it up. I had a few great conversations with friends, but other than that, I guess I was a bit too tired to enjoy the day. The guy I like seems to totally hate me and that did not really help.

After school I biked to the library and returned some books and got a few new ones out (though I totally promised not to! I already have 31 one books loaned at home!). Then I started reading Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum which is awesome! And I watched some pathetic crime series from TV.

Quite a dull day. I was supposed to go out with some friends, but something screwed up those plans…..

Oh well, today will be nice, I'll watch Eurovision and try to finish one text I have to do for a magazine.

Have a nice time everyone!

10:17 AM May 12 2007 |