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Who is your favorite character in World's history?



Who do you admire from history, maybe some person from your country that contributed to get better the situation in your place of birth? Why do you admire him or her? What did she/him do?

01:22 AM Apr 16 2008 |

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M. Augustus

United States

I'm a historian by trade, so naming a single character in history is not really possible, but one I've really been digging lately is the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate, sometimes known as the Last Pagan.  He came about 50 years after Constantine's legalization of Christianity, and he was the last real opponent of Christianity in the Roman world, favoring religious diversity and finding the culture-destroying austerity of Christianity offensively dull.  Had he lived to old age, we might have had a very different world today – but he was killed in a battle, possibly murdered by a Christian who opposed his views.

01:35 AM Apr 16 2008 |



Julian sounds like my kind of guy. Maybe when i get that time machine we can do something about that early death.


I will admit a US bias, and say that one of my favorite historical people is Thomas Jefferson.

02:32 AM Apr 16 2008 |

M. Augustus

United States

According to legend, Julian's last words were "Vicisti, Galilaee": "You have won, Galilaean."  Of course, in my poetic demi-pagan heart, I want to believe that the recorder of these words didn't hear quite correctly, and that the dying Emperor sputtered out a "nondum": 'not yet' in the phrase, that later history has forgotten.

TJ is also a personal fave, though he had many failings it's important not to forget.

02:39 AM Apr 16 2008 |



Im admired at Thomas Alva Edison's life. I cant believe all the things he made. Thats a good example of tenacity and effort. :)

11:47 PM Apr 16 2008 |



I like thoughts of platon …his thoughts are very deep and I like to thinking about it :)) 

so I must say that guys from ancient greek were good … :)

05:35 PM Apr 17 2008 |



United States

Thomas Edison exploited Nikolai Tesla! But, that's what happens when you ignore the marketing side of things.

In terms of the modern world, Napoleon is probably the paramount individual.

In terms of human thought, Aristotle (ancient) or Kant (modern).

08:12 PM Apr 17 2008 |



I prefer my flawed heroes like Jefferson to some "perfect man" 

(he who cannot be defamed)


But then I always preferred comic book heroes like Iron Man: bad heart, alcoholic, womanizer. (not that there's anything wrong with that last one) 

10:19 PM Apr 17 2008 |




my favorite charecter in world's history is the brophet mohmad because with his love and kindness  brought light instead of darkness .

02:31 PM Apr 18 2008 |

fanni szabo


St. Stephan I. and Matthias  – Two beloved Hungarian kings
Nofertiti - she was a queen in Egypt
Christopher Colombus and Magellan - two brave explorers
St. Margit – my patron saint
Martin Luther – he started the reformation in the Christian Church with writing his 95 points and translating the Bible to German 
John Paul II. – the greatest pope ever
and don't forget Jesus Smile

p.s.: I like Richard the Lionhearted and Henry the VIII. as well – one for his his heart and one for his crazyness :)

01:29 PM Apr 20 2008 |




I think it's Casanova. I've read his memoir. He's such an adventurer. Never lost his heart. He had a very interesting life. A lot of travelling… I even envy.

06:26 PM Apr 20 2008 |