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Why does Allah threat disbelievers as if they had committed thousands of crimes?



Lets discuss that:

Because,the evil spirits and thoso who follow them can cause great destractions with small acts.And they can cause big harms with small deeds.And they can violate the rights of the others.

For example:

There is a big merchant ship.On this ship there is a man whom duty is steermen.İf this man  only didnt steer, this small deed could cause the ship,the aims of the ship,the other men on the duty destroy.

Now,this man cant say,I only didnt steer,I dint do anything,Iam innocent.

And the owner of the ship complain about this man and this man deserve very big punishment.

In exactly same way, the people of misguidince transgress against the rights of numerous creatures and nullify the results of their elevated duties.

For example,all the creatures have wisdom duties.All creature except human obey Allah,All creatures,stars,sun,clouds,rain,earth,animals,plants,seas,everything tell Allah and who Allah is.

But disbeliever claim that all creatures dont have duties,they are created by coincidince,by cueses and they dont tell Allah.So,disbelievers transgress against the rights of all creatures.

So,Allah threats disbelievers. 

the original article:


07:23 PM May 17 2008 |

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thanks useful  sites my GOD bless you.

08:38 PM May 17 2008 |



 amen,all of us,tooo.

09:00 PM May 17 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic


09:20 PM May 17 2008 |




then the question would be , Who is a disbeliever?? a athiest or a non muslim??? or both? – God is not a hipocrate .

who do u think will go to heaven?, A non believer who helps poor, hungry and old people, or a person who worships 5 times a day, and kills people, snatches food from the hungry.

Basically, GOd will reward You based on the deed You do on earth and not weather u are a believer or not. I will quote  a verse from the gita " Karmanye vadikste ma faleshu kadeshu kada chana" which means, " Do ur deeds with out expecting any fruits" .


04:13 AM May 19 2008 |



Saudi Arabia



04:45 PM May 19 2008 |



(my eng. is very bad.the links are the original articals.their translations to all languages are there)

disbelievers can have muslim qualities,like helping poor,being kind,clear,not killilng,protecting nature etc..

believers can have non-muslim qualities like liying,acting bad etc….

disbelievers (who denying existance of Allah) will go to hell.

believers will go to paradise.


There are a lot of important reasons:

--A desbeliever claims that Allah doesnt exist,Allah didint create anything,Allah doesnt give us blessings,all things in the universe(stars,sun,moon,night-days,earth,mountain,seas,rivers,stones,plants,animals and human) are created by coincidences,the creatures dont have any aims and duty,they are futile,they dont tell anything etc…...

In fact,all creatures are created for very important aims and duties.all creatures tell us who Allah is.all of them (except human)obey the rules of Allah.all things are witnesess of Allah.

for example,

A picture tells us how its painter is skillful.

A book tells us how its writer is well-informed.

A machine tells us how its maker is sucsesfull.

so,nature tells us its creature.(The seven heavens and the earth and all that is in them extol and glorify Him, and there is nothing but glorifies Him with praise, but you understand not their glorifying; indeed, He is Most Forebearing, Most Forgiving.7…a verse from quran)


for example heavens(space)tell us its creature by its order, by its beauties,by its wisdom etc..as following:(a part of an articale)

''Allah holds aloft in the heavens, without any supporting pillar, hundreds of thousands of heavenly bodies, some of which are a thousand times heavier than the earth and revolve seventy times faster than a cannon-ball; it causes them to move in harmony and swiftly without colliding with each other; it causes innumerable lamps to burn constantly, without the use of any oil; it disposes of these great masses without any disturbance or disorder; it sets sun and moon to work at their respective tasks, without those great bodies ever rebelling; it administers within infinite space —the magnitude of which cannot be measured in figures should they stretch from pole to pole— all that exists, at the same time, with the same strength, in the same fashion, manner and mould, without the least deficiency; it reduces to submissive obedience to its law all the aggressive powers inherent in those bodies; it cleanses and lustrates the face of the heavens, removing all the sweepings and refuse of that vast assembly; it causes those bodies to manoeuvre like a disciplined army; and then, making the earth revolve, it shows the heavens each night and each year in a different form, like a cinema screen displaying true and imaginative scenes to the audience of creation.''

(if you wan to see how all creatures tell us Allah you can read this link.it is long but it makes nature speak.it is very usefull.)


so,all creatures complain about disbelievers.a bee,a flower,clouds,rain say together: you, denier didnt see us,insulted us,made all our aims and duties toys of coincidines.you commited thousands of crimes.go hell!!

11:57 PM May 19 2008 |



—-in this world,a killer is punished to be put in prison for long years.ın fact, this killer commited this murder in a minute.but billions of seconds,millions of minutes of punishment are gave his in this world.

in the same way,a disbeliever commits thousand of murders in 1 day,in 1 year and in 1 life and he deserves millions of years of punishment.

11:59 PM May 19 2008 |



--If a rebellion say to a king,''you cannot put me in prison You may not punish me and you cannot''

,off course,the king will make a prison and will put the rebellious man in it.because the rebellion broke the glory 0f the king.In exactly same way,Allah will create a prison(hell) for rebellions and put disbelievers in it even if there werent any other reason different from this


12:01 AM May 20 2008 |



——a disbeliever misuses his emotions and inner end outer organs.In fact,Allah give us these emotions and organs for important duties:

for example,ambition for possessions and position is not gave us for only this world.the true aim of it is to work for spiritual rank and degrees in closeness to God.ambititon for gain something in this world is a small amount.most of it must be used to obey the rules of Allah .

for example the emotion of anxiety for the future is present in everyone. Then a person is intensely anxious at the future, but he sees that he possesses nothing to guarantee that he will reach the future he is anxious about. Also, future is brief and not worth such intense worry. So he turns away from the future towards the true future beyond the grave.

for example,our eyes are gave us by Allah to observe the arts of Allah and to know Allah.our eyes are not gave us to use them in sins.

in the same way,all our emotions and inner-outer organs(obstinacy,fear,love,sad,happy,mind,heart,soul,spirit,concience,...hand,ears,tongues….) are gave us for very important aims and all of them are very worthy.

you cannot buy your eyes,ears,hearts… from a shop.they are very worthy emotion and organs,so,you cannot use them to obtain only things in this world.this world is very short and they are not fit into this world.

a disbeliever uses his worthy emotion and organs to gain only this short,world and makes them worthless.he causes them decline.

while all of them are like diomand,he makes them like a simple glass.

because of that,all his emotions and organs lose their abilities to all goodnesses. he deserves a big punishment


12:04 AM May 20 2008 |