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Which country has biggest number of polite girls?




Which country has biggest number of polite girls?

02:33 PM Sep 27 2008 |

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Joy Yu

Joy Yu


Hm,i think in this world, there are many polite girls, and they are from different countries…but in my opinion,German girls are very polite, they are also very friendly, i have 5 German friends(female), and 4 of them are very friendly and polite, very nice! and i used to have 5 Polish friends(female),only one is nice and polite….and i also met some nice girls from other countries..i think girls from Spain are very hot and lovely,but polite,i don't know,i only met 1 in ICQ..and some girls from France are nice too…ok,there are so many polite girls from all around the world!!! and by the way, i agree with some sentences which mmemoo said on the first page,haha…very interesting!Tongue out

11:56 AM Aug 21 2009 |

Monique Fernandes


Brazil! :D

11:14 PM Aug 21 2009 |