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Life Talk!

Islam is.....




I have received an email from a muslim friend,which reads as follow,

hello how are you ??

i feel sorry for what happened in india:(

i support u and feel with u 

if the attackers are muslims,,then all muslims feel shame from  them

if the prophet mohammed himself alive,, he will feel shame from


allah bless u friend:D


I feel it is what real Islam is , & I feel proud of such religious humans.




12:40 AM Dec 05 2008 |

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"Sadhvi" Prghya, Purohit are hindus and they are resposible for death of 10+ Indians. Probably for the first in India's 5000 years history, there is talk of "hindu" terrorism.

India is a place that shelters the last of the "Zoroastrian" (sons and daughters of Iran) , and has the last of the purest jews. and today there is talk of religious extreamism.


I as a hindu am resposible of what my fellow hindu does. I as a Indian is  responsible of what my fellow Indian  does. We Hindu's/indians have failed to check extremism. Hindu's have to collectively share the responsibility of this extreamism. 


When people do wrong, it is very convinient and easy to say that they are not my people or "real" followers of a religion. That fact is moreand more people might follow this path if unchecked.

03:35 PM Dec 05 2008 |




we balme any hindu n indian

No you blame every thing on Mossad , Israel and the US

wht is going on in kasmir and on kasmiri muslims who is responsible

kashmir? 400,000 kashimir pandit's have been displaced. thousands have been butchered to death by Militants. Total number of Kashmir pandits dead are double that of all kashmiri deaths put together


more than 66% voting in the local govt election, even after calls of boycott and death threats!! That speaks volumes. 


4 thatwht is going on in india with muslims minoritywho is responsible?

83% of the Indian't Muslism have said that they would like to be reborn as an Indian in thier next birth (hypothetical question). that is 2 % more than the national average

89% of the muslims said they were  ready to die for the nation if the need arises.

I am proud of my Indian Brothers who also follow Islam.

"outsiders", throw what ever you have to break our bond, we will never break!! 

03:54 PM Dec 05 2008 |


American Samoa

I dont understand what is going on here but I think java is stupid..

05:25 PM Dec 05 2008 |





05:34 PM Dec 05 2008 |




This thread has been stareted in the hope of coming together & sharing love & humantic feelings but not to provide a platform to blame each other & justify killings.It is already in progress in most of the threads.

Please keep  this place reserved for lovers. 


06:07 PM Dec 05 2008 |




Islam is a greeeeeeeat religion..nothing true around what is said about islam..it returns to a political factors which wants to destroy Islam and everything related to it by spreading rumors that muslims are terrorists…but believe me when u read somehing about islam u will see how  great it is…Smile

06:18 PM Dec 05 2008 |




when the world understands that terrorism has no religion then, we'll have a chance to live in a better world.

yes lilimira that is the point, hope the terrorists and the politican will think about it.

07:31 PM Dec 05 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

Devindernagpal: "I feel it is what real Islam is , & I feel proud of such religious"


NairooZ: "humans. and the terrorism is not relative with any religion"


student_90: "just some of them that did not want to follow the truth way of Islam."


DarkCroy: "It is those who claim to be Muslims to cover their true political intentions"

All ppl up is right AND I say why ppl mixing between religious and terrorism, if some body did something converse his religion then he is responsibly about his work not his religion, if somebody make accident then all ppl  is bad!!!!!!!!

and thank u for all

05:02 AM Dec 06 2008 |




Hey those self proclaimed defenders of Islam. Did you go through the whole post before writing anything. There is nothing bad being spoken about Islam in this post. Either you all have pea-sized brains or didn’t read the whole post. Islam doesn’t need your defence. We all know it is not related to violence. Your minds are like those terrorists who also take themselves as the saviours of Islam and go to the extreme level to “protect” the religion as per their ideologies. If you still can’t get it then read the following true incident and you’ll prolly get what I mean (provided that you have some grey matter in your cranium).
Lakshman Prasad Jadhav has voted for Shiv Sena (An extremist Hindu political group that is vehemently opposed to non-Hindus) every time since his entire family was killed in the 1993 communal riots between Hindus and Muslims. But the taxi driver says last weeks terror attack did not reopen old wounds, it opened his eyes.
On November 26, Jadhav was at the Chatrapati Sivaji Terminus (one of the terrorist targets besides the two hotels) when the terrorists struck. “I saw a muslim woman in burqa (veil for muslim women) running with a baby in her arms. She suddenly came face to face with a terrorist,” he said
“He shot her and the baby without batting an eyelid. My whole worldview changed in a moment.”
The terrorists probably hoped to revive the polatisation seen after the mumbai riots and blasts of 1993, and also to an extent after the 2006 train bomb blast. But from priests to public, the one sentiment being expressed over and over is that the city will never again be a hostage to the politics of hate.
“This is not aout religion, this is about the enemies of our nation, jealous of our economic progress,” Jadhav said “Politicians have used religion to divide us. This has to end.”
Of the 150 odd Indians dead in the attack, at least 48 are muslim.
The Telegraph
Those are the words of a common Indian, a taxi driver who was initialy bitterly opposed to Islam. If you still don’t understand what that means and just want to “shield” your religion from “blows” then probably you are too ignorant. Just go to hell…I don’t care to reply over that hate talk. We had enough of that in India.
BTW my take on Kashmir issue is that our politicians are drawing a bloody game. If I were the prime minister I’d either give up Kashmir to Pak or attack Pak and reoccupy PoK (or Azad Kashmir as you call, I read it like Uzad). Just because of that one state so many people of other states have to suffer, does glory cost that much! Of course I’d choose the 2nd way, it might kill some innocent people in the war, but will surely save many from dying slowly by suffering.

03:20 PM Dec 06 2008 |




You got my VOTE!!

This attack has brought people together, For the first time in a few centuries, people are talking in one voice. No caste , No religion, No state…. 

This has united all Indians. 

In fact this is people of India's answer to those extremists, who carried out this attack to divide people. We have stayed united.

I repeat the words from my previous post - 

Outsiders – Throw  at as what ever you have,but  we will stay united

03:47 PM Dec 06 2008 |