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Life Talk!

For Girls..



Saudi Arabia

hey girlsSmilewhat do u thing of this topic?

who would u prefer to marry a man who loves u & wants to make u happy, though u doesn't have any feeling towards him OR to marry a handsome man whom u love , but he does not love u?

09:49 AM Mar 15 2007 |

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um…i'll choose the former, Tongue out'cause i believe i will fall in love with the one who loves me and willing to make me happy ,  but i'm not sure the one whom i loved will love me when  years passed.

11:02 AM Mar 15 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

girls am happy to hear ur openionsSmile

02:42 PM Mar 15 2007 |




hi sisters

you are very important for the human being becouse you play a good role for the live  so you have to know that and make the relation between girls and men best becouse with out you the live will not so good so be attention and your role

  i wish you will get my point

02:46 PM Mar 15 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

yeah id rather non …..cause men some tims suck very badly and i mean it ….

yeah id rather live my life doing something else ….how bout you …?

02:56 PM Mar 15 2007 |

Japanese & Korean LOVER

Saudi Arabia

Hi all…

For me,if he loves me,but I don't have any feelings towards him,there won't be any kind of communication between us and my whole life will be boring.If he is handsome, this is not everything because maybe he is handsome,but mean or has bad behavior.If I love him,love will make me blind to see his mistakes and his bad sides.In short,I'd rather non of themTongue out

Anyway,I don't like the idea of marriage at the first place.What about you MEME,what do you think???  You asked about our opinions,but you didn't state yours.

Thank you  

02:41 PM Mar 17 2007 |



Saudi Arabia


MeMe…Whats with the Topic?     Laughing


Well,mmmmmmmmmmm….Idont know i Really dont think about marrige at all…...Weird eh


Nice Topic Anyway hehehehehehehhehehhehehe

07:03 AM Mar 18 2007 |




I would choose the man who loves me even if I don't love him  perhaps,If we married,we would be happy and I started to love him next times

11:42 AM Mar 18 2007 |



ıt ıs very dıffıcult to choose correct man…god help us…

02:24 PM Mar 18 2007 |

rafat sadek


hi  i want chat with  girls

03:35 PM Mar 18 2007 |




Hi MeMe…...............-^

imm…i will choose man who love me honest and i love him honest too….ohhhhO^ ......i hope to find my dreams man…....

03:55 PM Mar 18 2007 |