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Life Talk!

sex emergency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  recently, I really have serious sex problem with my boyfriend :(    He wants more sex , but I think there are many other things besides sex~ And he thinks that sex is as important as othr things  I've got really confused !! 

  How important do u guys think sex is between girlfriend and her bf?????

08:10 AM Jan 25 2009 |

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lol nice subject…..SEX EMERGENCY…lol couldnt u find another subject to put in here? my suggestion is that u shld persuade him to marry u n then give him wot he wants…tc

09:32 AM Jan 25 2009 |



Dump hm,hes a sex hungry mnstr,if thrs no mental relatn,thr cud b no luv

12:46 PM Jan 25 2009 |




Wow..for this long times..i tought just the fire department, hospitals and police that have emerghency…sex can be emerghency too..?? wow..!

12:52 PM Jan 25 2009 |



ı thınk people can sex wıthour marrıage.what do you thınk about thıs girls….?


12:57 PM Jan 25 2009 |


United States

If he won't marry you…dump him because if sex is all he wants…he does not really LOVE YOU!! Best wishes.

07:38 AM Oct 13 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S



08:48 AM Oct 22 2009 |

the best killer

Saudi Arabia

i think sex should be after maraige because it will be good for both of them

10:33 AM Oct 26 2009 |




in china if boyfriend want to have sex with his gf he must marry with her .so when your boyfriend want to do that ,you should ask him marry with you . GOOD LUCK. BY THE WAY, i am a new member of englishbaby . please help me with my english . THANK YOU VERY MUCH

01:05 PM Oct 26 2009 |



Iaoen: Since you are confuse and your message implies you are not confortable dealing with him and his urges of sex, I would ask you, is this what you want? Or better yet, that man worth it? Is love what it feels for you or you are only an available piece of meat for him?

Uhmm… I don´t know your age, but taking the fact that you are having sex and consequently you should be responsible of your acts, trust in what you think is right. You have doubts so, for me is a bad sign in your relationship with your bf. Take care!

03:50 PM Oct 26 2009 |

the best killer

Saudi Arabia

thank you so  much i apprecate your agriment dancin4108

03:58 AM Oct 27 2009 |