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Converting to Islam: Would you think of doing it?



United Kingdom

Who would convert to Islam? If so, why?

If not, why not?

If you're already a Muslim, why do you think it's the right religion? Why should one convert?


NOTE: I'm not a Muslim. I'm just interested to hear the different thoughts on the topic.

10:38 PM Jan 28 2009 |

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Living is the Dating

08:35 AM Mar 28 2009 |



If you are born to an Islamic family its understood why you stay moslem, because you born to this reality and to this mently. But if one wants to change his religions what in the word would convince him that the Islam is the right religious??? we are talking about an religion that dont respect women and incorige to kill others in the name of allah. whey someone would do such thing. We all know that the gods want is that we will be jewish and not all the other imitations.

11:28 AM Mar 31 2009 |



United Kingdom

"I think that it's better to use the word (I believe)."


Maybe you should keep that word for your own religion as well. Jews don't tell the rest of the world how to live and how they should follow 1 single religion.  


"I want to say, that you don't have enough information, and I suggest that you read more about the Israel, and don't only listen from the No Muslims Media."


Oh yes sure, That makes perfect sense. You obviously know more about Israel than someone that actually lives there. Perfect thinking.

Israelis know about their own country and the threats they face from Palestinian terrorists on a daily basis. 

The only clueless person here is you, arabhamid, with your tons of propaganda images and articles, and zero idea about the facts on the ground.



05:12 PM Mar 31 2009 |



United Kingdom

"the Zionist organization worked to make the Jews leave the Arabic countries, to go to Israel, because I wanted to make the Jews a majority in Palestine, and the best way is to bring the arabic Jews to Israel."

Jews in Arab countries would have stayed, had they not been forced out. No natural pattern of emigration sees the disappearance of an entire ethnic group. NONE. There are hardly any Jews left in all of the Middle East, and in several countries its zero.

Bringing in the subject of Zionism is a red herring. The Jews in Arab countries had nothing to do with Israel or what was going on in Palestine, still the Arab governments took it out on them.


Libya for instance passed laws revoking citizenship for Jews and confiscated their property. 


The reason that there are no Jews left in Arab countries is the fault of the Arabs, not Israel.



"This is a way of Zionist plan to make the Arabic Jews live their countries."

Do you really believe that as long as the word 'Zionist' is in the sentence, that people will believe any conspiracy theory you bring up?



"in 1987, after france occupied Algeria in 1830, France offered to Algerians Jews to have the French nationality, and didn't do that for Muslims Algerian."

And why do you think they did? 

Because the Algerian movements were as anti-Jewish as they were anti-French. If the French lost and left, Jews would be in danger.


Hmm. I didn't know Algerian Jews still visit, but why wouldn't they? It was their homeland once.


05:23 PM Mar 31 2009 |



United Kingdom

“you always sujtify your punichement of the Palestinians by fake reasons, the food and water don't kill the Israelis, and Hamas can't make a rocket from the food and supplies.”

These aren’t fake reasons. They’re based on the mistakes Israel has made in dealing with Hamas in the past. They can’t be reasoned with, and the only language terror groups like Hamas understand is force. THAT is why Israel went into Gaza.

“UK is not a terrorsit state, it's why they don't deal with the Palestinians like Israel do.”

The Catholics of Northern Ireland used the same language to describe the UK when th Troubles were happening.

“IRA and UK are from the region, and they didn't come from out side as Israel did.”

Northern Ireland was created as a state by Protestant British colonists, the IRA wanted to take back Nothern Ireland and attach it to the rest of Ireland, a Catholic country.
So in theory no, the British came from Britain, the Irish were the original inhabitants.

“the IRA fired rockets over the towns, and made bombs every where against the administrations, and that is very knows, but UK didn't do crimes as Israel did and still do.”

And as I’ve explained, the IRA did not own entire territory to stage attacks from. The UK didn’t, like Israel did, hand over entire areas and towns over to the IRA, like Israel did to the Palestinians.

“the Palestinians didn't attack the civilians, they used attack to attack the soldiers and military of Israel, and some fault that happen, don't represent what the Resistnace do.”

Excuse me? Can you take yourself seriously with claims like that? The Palestinian ‘struggle’ has been almost exclusively a war on civilians.

“Haha, It's solved, if the West get far from us, the Kurdish people are like the Amazigh People (Berbers), they used to live in peace, but when the occupiers power try to change and make problems in our wourld, get far from us, we will live in peace.”

The Kurds do not have their own land, the Kurds are split between 1 Arab and two non Arab nations. The struggle between Turkey and the PKK speaks for itself, so no. I don’t think anyone believes that its solved.

“Do you know that Sallah Edine Ayoubi was a Kurdish Man, and he fought against the crusade and leberate the Qusd from them.”

You like to live in the past, completely avoiding my point. I didn’t ask whether or not Saladin was Kurdish, I said that the Kurdish problem wasn’t solved.

“Hizballah is a resisting group, faiting against the occupation of Israel, which occupied its land, and still occupy it.”

A ‘resistance’ group that is likely behind the bombing of the Jewish Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires 10 years ago.
A group that is the long-hand of Iran destabilizing Lebanon and doing the bidding of the Iranian mullahs. Hezbullah is another one of the many movements in Arab countries that rise and fall, led by the same type of madman, just with a different fact each time.
Mark my words: Hezbollah will disappear from the pages of history, while Israel will still be there.

“Hizballah is a resisting group, and it's allowed to kill and kidnap any soldier to rescue the prisoners in Israel and leberate the occupied land.”

No group has a right to violate the territory of any country and kill its soldiers. Its illegal for the hosting country, Lebanon, to allow that either.
So I don’t think you have a clue about international law. There isn’t a separate international law for Arab terrorist groups, and another for the rest of the world.

“the Djihad is allowed against Israel.”

In the same way that its allowed against the USA… mad preachers abusing their religion for political reasons.  As far as I’m concerned, dogs parading around like religious figures, while preaching war and hatred, are not serving Gd, but themselves, and are in for a painful surprise when their days are up.
That fools around the Middle East blindly follow them, shows very well another reason why I wouldn’t take your arguments about Islam’s supremacy seriously.  These preachers are corrupt madment.

“If I had the opportunity to fight against the occupation of Israel, I would do that waithout thinking, as All Muslims will do.”

Yes, and you’d die by wasting your life. But at least I wouldn’t have to wage this argument anymore.

“Syria doesn't claim it, and said that to he UN, you're only finding the reason.”


“The United Nations agreed with Israel that the area is not covered by United Nations UN Security Council Resolution 425, which governed the withdrawal from Lebanon, inasmuch as the Farms are not Lebanese territory, and the UN certified Israel's pullout.”

“the answers of Israel is always miking crimes against the civilians, kill the babies and momen and old people, bestroy the builting and towns.”

Ridiculous. The guerrilla group never admits its own casualties, especially not Hezbullah.
Instead all we hear are lies about civilian casualties, the same as in Gaza.
The most advanced army in the Middle East that can pinpoint terrorist leaders as they’re leaving their homes for breakfast, has absolutely no need to target civilians. What you’re saying is just more propaganda to avoid reality and pain Israel as the monster. If the Arabs were as good as fighting as they were at making up stories, they might have won a war by now.

05:48 PM Mar 31 2009 |



United Kingdom

"The UN is not the God, and Israel is inside our land, between our hand, and one day we will end it."


Let's see the map. Which countries recognize Israel compared to those that don't:



So if countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and North Korea ruled the world, then maybe the idea that Israel isn't a country might be take half seriously.

05:54 PM Mar 31 2009 |



United Kingdom

“If you consider their return is the destruction of Isreal, that because Israel is not a legal state.”

Example: If Liechtenstein (Pop: 35,322) let a few million Russians into their country suddenly, it would well change the makeup of the country, and eventually the populations might choose to just annex it to Russia.

“Algerian people are not like Italy or Nazis, My god.
Do you know what you’re talking boy.
Algerians are Nazis, this is your thought.
The people who fight for its freedom and justice are Nazis.”

That wasn’t my point and you know it. The point was that fancy words like ‘revolution’ don’t mean anything and can be abused depending on whose using it. I wasn’t comparing the Algerians or the FLN to Nazis.

“The rockets can back one second after a decision, so IDF didn’t make any success.”

Rocket attacks never returned to the same levels that they were just before the offensives started. Rockets flew in at 60 per day in the days preceding the offensive.
Indeed, if Hamas decided to start firing that many again tomorrow, there would be another offensive by Israel.

“Mr Fabs, there is no peace without justice, and Israel was built over the justice of a people.”

The creation of Israel was the return of justice for the Jewish people, by allowing them to return to their land after so long.

“60 years don’t mean anything, and there are many who stayed much more than Israel”

Will people like you be saying this when I reaches it’s 200th birthday? I doubt it.

“It we’re originally Canaanites, that doesn’t mean we claim it.”

I don’t believe this and there is no possible way to prove it. Even if they called themselves something similar to ‘canaan’ or something like that, there is no way to be sure that they’re the same as the Canaanite tribes in the time of Moses.

“No, Palestinians chose Hamas, because Fateh couldn’t do anything with the negotiation.”

That’s not the reason that I remember hearing. People as far as I know, after Arafat’s death, were sick of Fatah and their corrupt leaders, and chose Hamas as a protest, not because they thought that they would do a better job. Indeed I don’t see how a group which doesn’t even recognize Israel can negotiate anything with it.

“How many time the Torah told you that you’ll leave and return to this land.
The promise was for one time, and you want to use it for ever.”

The Torah, according to Judaism, is binding for all time, not just a few times. Gd’s promise and commandments are eternal.
I’ll give you the verse that religious Jews of all groups read every morning, which is from the Torah:

"When all these things which I have set before you, the blessings and the curses, are fulfilled in you, and from among whatever nations the LORD, your God, may have dispersed you, you ponder them in your heart:
then, provided that you and your children return to the LORD, your God, and heed his voice with all your heart and all your soul, just as I now command you,
the LORD, your God, will change your lot; and taking pity on you, he will again gather you from all the nations wherein he has scattered you.
Though you may have been driven to the farthest corner of the world, even from there will the LORD, your God, gather you; even from there will he bring you back.
The LORD, your God, will then bring you into the land which your fathers once occupied, that you too may occupy it, and he will make you more prosperous and numerous than your fathers.”

Deuteronomy 30: 3-5

“If you consider that Israel is a democratic state, it must build new houses to those Arabs, as it do with the Jews, but It doesn’t do that, because it doesn’t want to let the Arabs live in this land, and all the ways for it, is to make them lave it.”

And how do you define this? Many of these Arabs just spontaneously moved from other parts of Israel or the Palestinian territories and built these illegal houses and shacks in East Jerusalem. These Arabs did not live in the city before.
As for those that did, no, Israel shouldn’t simply throw out Arab residents that have always lived there, especially not without compensating them.

“The Arabs wee the majority there, and now became the minority, and Israel plan to keep them a minority by all ways, and this step in one of them.”

There isn’t much of debate on this point. The survival of the Jewish State of course depends on the preservation of a Jewish majority there. However this is not seriously in danger. There are no statistics, like you seem to say, that Arabs will be the majority there in 25 years.

“It’s know from the day that the God sent the text about it, the Koran was not given one time, but during more than 10 years, and the Text talks about Al-Aksa was in the middle of that, not at the end of the writing.”

The Al Aqsa mosque did not exist at the time of its writing, nor at the end of its writing. It was completed in the year 705. The Arabs captured Jerusalem in 637. The prophet died in the year 632.
I think anyone can come to the same conclusion: There was no Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem when the Koran was written, so as far as anyone can see:
Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran.

06:30 PM Mar 31 2009 |



United Kingdom

If you care so much about Palestinian rights, take these into consideration:


06:38 PM Mar 31 2009 |


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