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Life Talk!

what is the most important things in one's life?



Viet Nam

Job and family are the most important things to many people. And of course to unmarried people, they are love and job. So what will u do if u live in a big city and have a stable job, ur lover live in a small town where there aren't many oppurtunities to find a job suiting u. Moreover, ur lover can't leave her hometown. Will u give up ur job and come to her?

03:45 PM Mar 27 2007 |

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love , peace , friendship etc



04:41 PM Mar 28 2007 |




Passions, we have passions in our life, becouse we dont have passions we can't achive our goals.

06:04 PM Apr 01 2007 |




friendship, love(all living thing), truth. if u dont truth, your life is lie. so your life is empty, why do u live? if u dont love anything you dont like life, yours. if u dont love anything u never be happy, so lave is most important thing for life.

and money is necessary for life too but it isnt most necessary.

and health is mos important for life. if you dont healthy, your life is so difficult

these are my mind.

07:48 PM Apr 01 2007 |



love ,friendship and family,


12:49 AM Apr 02 2007 |




i think love and friendship are important  in  all one 's life

02:30 AM Apr 02 2007 |



Russian Federation

Hi sunny,

Maybe my think  will be unexpected things for you, but I will speak (my English is not good, but you will understand, I think).

 Love is very important thing in our life. And this love is love both sides (man and woman). And if they love each other, they must understand each other.  My idea is not alone rather thing. But I think, if man (or woman) had run in long way to his position, his work, I think, other lover side must consider.

I thought about this. Because I'm from small town in Ukraine, but I'm working in Moscow now. And I'm went to this long time. And I won't depart from Moscow: I have the Aim and now I is nearly it.

But situation can be different. One my friend told me: "Main goal for man is find correct job (selection job for man). And, if he really man, he will take care of family. And main goal for is find right husband :-). They must be full fledged шт family, but they must have different area of responsibility."

And his words has the colour of reason, I think.

thank you for your attention

04:18 AM Apr 02 2007 |




07:46 AM Apr 02 2007 |

super lee

super lee


most is attitude!

02:05 PM Apr 02 2007 |

Jesse Zeng

Jesse Zeng


i will,and if possible i’ll try evry methods to do it.the most important things,well,in my mind,are life freedom family love peace honesty and many other things cuz my life is so wonderful that i cannot choose one,but if i must,i would choose love.

03:03 PM Apr 02 2007 |



the most important thing in one's life is health, when u. are healthy, then you have love for people and u will be friendly to a lot of people.

09:16 PM Apr 02 2007 |