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Life Talk!

Presentation yourself:)



I'll presentation myself after you presentation yourself:)

I wait for posts. 


Do you like your country and why or why not?

What kind of music, eat, weather, clothes,etc. do you like? 

07:53 PM Feb 23 2009 |

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little DNA

little DNA

Viet Nam

i think it needless to say : i love my country although Vietnamese sometimes do some stupid things and the politician sometimes think of crazy funny policies

Sometimes when i'm confused i think i hate this country but it's my home. And violet166, even if you say u dont like ur country, it's just ur thinking when ur country is not like what u want.

Deeply in ourselves, we all love our countries


Music? I'm really into it. I'm mad on it. Well i listen to all kinds of music (no matter which language it is in)and like whatever is good.

My favourite are Coldplay, Adele, Keane, Linkin Park, James Morrison, All American Rejects, One republic, Placebo, Kasabian, Maria Mena, Pupple of Mudd, Kanye West, Dido, The Veronicas,  30 seconds to mars

I like summer cuz that time i don't have to go to school

I really want to know as many languages as possible but firstly i have to improve my english

i want to go to Afica someday

I want to be famous writter

11:23 AM Mar 04 2009 |


Russian Federation

Hi. my name is Alexey. I am 25 years old and i live in small town not far from Moscow. I'm a inhouse lawyer. I like my country  in spite of all our problems.  

03:22 PM Mar 04 2009 |




we all love our countries

I don't think so, even I don't like place where I live… here's people try be so nice, and always smiling… but it's not true, every person lie, try do sth. wrong neighbours… I hate them…

03:49 PM Mar 04 2009 |



Violet 166 – You have right. I know about than…

Ok and now I introduce myself again.
I like something such as walking, swimming, meeting with my friends, leasining for instance a radio, dancing and ect…
I have a many dreams, but It's a secret.
I love good films, but now I watch only polish films.. ''Testosteron'', ''Lejdis''-'' there are well-known in my fatherland.

07:18 PM Mar 04 2009 |




I like my country. Some years ago I didn't, because we were in a big crisis and I thought everything were going bad here. But now we are developing very well, the global crisis don't affect us. We have good things like one of the highest qualities of life in the Americas, and Montevideo is one of the 30 less crime capital cities, goverment give computers, health, education, internet, books, food for free and we less better unemployment than most of the European countries. The bad things is that it is a little countries, so we don't have many oportunities to work in, for example, arts. And the transport isn't so good.

Kind of music: Mostly rock

Eat: Typpical uruguayan food, chinese food.

Weather: Not very cold or very hot.

Clothes: I prefer dark clothes.

11:01 PM Apr 30 2009 |




Yeah Im agree with Jacob, we have maybe the worst politician ://  I like my country but not at all..i dont want to live here in the future..only i want to study here..coz study in poland are very, very good.. then I want to move :|

I like listening pop and hip hop…

Meals? hmm .. polisg food.. i dont know how to speak it in english..coz i think its only polish or few country in europa ;p

Weather? ofc sunny , hot! i like going to the swimming pool, or go to the seaside on holiday and swimming and swimming :) annd i love sunbathing !and then have darker skin ! ouuu love it, love !


Clothes ? ofc I like 'summer' clothes.. u know T-shirt…shorts.. and trainers :p hhehehe :**

09:13 AM May 01 2009 |




I like my country because i was born here,but a little bit i hate it. I like all kind of music very much. My favorite food is pizza,drink juice. My favourite clothes are jeans and t-shirt :)

If you want talk to me,write me :)


09:32 AM May 01 2009 |



Russian Federation


I like my country in general, and i miss it everytime when i'm far away, but actually there are a lot of things that i don't really like and understand. and i don't like our climate, sometimes i think i should have been born somewhere in Africa))

what about music: i don't listen anything specific…music is my life, i listen different songs from different styles – everything that inspire me and bring me high emotions))

clothes: high hills, trainers, jeans, skirts, dresses – everything i feel comfortable in)

eat: try not to eat fastfood ( sometimes i can't resist me temptation) ))

02:41 PM May 01 2009 |




I don't know why polish here hate them country =P

04:40 PM May 01 2009 |




I like my country so much, becouse it is improving its economy and society and I think in some years we will be a developed country. We have a beautiful landscape and if you visit us people would try you very well. The only bad thing is that sometimes some people are selfish and pessimist. But now we are improving our country a lot!! :D:D

09:41 PM May 01 2009 |