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Life Talk!

Presentation yourself:)



I'll presentation myself after you presentation yourself:)

I wait for posts. 


Do you like your country and why or why not?

What kind of music, eat, weather, clothes,etc. do you like? 

07:53 PM Feb 23 2009 |

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I like my country because of different reasons. People although sometimes is a bit unfriendly they are warm and good people. Another reason are the landscapes that are beautiful. Montevideo (the Capital City) is very alive because it have casinos, shpping centers, museums, ports, discos, squares, parks, etcetera. There is not racism or discrimination here. That's why it is considereted the best country in latin america to live in and it is better than many europan countries. =)

01:33 AM May 02 2009 |

laura, baby!


OK, my name is Laura and I am 16 years old. I consider myself mature for my age, I mean, I am not the common stereotype of teenager and I like be like that. I have a little group of friends, I prefers this to really know who I can trust.  But don´t misunderstand me I´m a sociable and friendly person, who likes go out and have a good time. People says that one of my great qualities is to be creative and original. I like to express my thoughts freely without depending on others.Well, this is all.My level of English is up here haha






08:46 PM May 02 2009 |